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PR firm CEO to host fundraiser for Senate Dems

The chief executive of public relations and consulting firm Capstrat is throwing a fundraiser for Democratic senators.

Ken Eudy,  CEO of the Raleigh-based firm, will host the fundraiser at his home in Raleigh, Ben Niolet reports.

The headline guests for the Aug. 24 event are Senate Leader Marc Basnight, Majority Leader Sen. Martin Nesbitt and former Gov. Jim Hunt. Wake County Sens. Dan Blue and Josh Stein are also mentioned on the invitation.

Platinum level sponsors are asked for a $4,000 contribution. Sponsors, including $500 "bronze" givers will be recognized at the event. Tickets are $125.

A copy of the invitation has been making the rounds, especially in light of the fact that Capstrat just got a $375,000 per year contract to handle PR and business development for the N.C. Ports Authority.

The authority is still reeling from a dead-in-the-water proposal to build a $3 billion deep water port.


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The State Port Authority

The State Port Authority pays $375,000 a year to an outside PR firm. You mean to say at the same time the Governor is raising taxes and cutting teachers salaries, a government agency is paying $375K for outside PR help?

That's pathetic. Whatever incompetant imbecile is in charge of the Port Authority should resign in disgrace.


CapStrat is awarded a huge contract in April of this year by state appointees at the Ports Authority in a Democratic administration. We still don't know how they're paying for that contract since it's worth $375,000 a year, renewable for five years, and the Ports Authority had a $6 million operating loss in 2010.
Anyway, four months later, the CEO of CapStrat is going to host a fundraiser, at his home,  guaranteeing one on one access to the Senate President Marc Basnight and Senate Majority Leader Martin Nesbitt. It might be interesting to poke around and find out who received invitations.
It's not a stretch to think this fundraiser is linked to the Ports Authority. They get a rich contract. They host a huge fundraiser.
This carries the stench of pay to play corruption.

Pay Pay Play Play

Will it ever go away?

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