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Post-convention, the work begins for Democrats

Now the work begins. Democratic National Convention delegates who cheered their political heroes late into the night this week are headed home to try to turn their brimming enthusiasm for President Barack Obama into votes.

Convention-goers leave this city with marching orders to intensify their effort. They know it will be tougher this year and expect to encounter many more fence-sitters than in 2008. It would be a shame “if we come and are excited for a week and we don’t then go out and do the work,” said Lee Storrow, a Chapel Hill Council member.

That message made it into nearly every official convention speech. Read more here.


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A more appropriate headline

Rather than "Post-convention, the work begins for Democrats," shouldn't it read? "Post-convention, the work begins for the media."

There is a lot of work for the media to do if Obama is to be reelected.  And wonder if the media will make a profit off all these ads?  Aren't profits evil?  Or are newspaper profits fine as long as the newspapers heart is in the left place?

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