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Poll: Burr down but not nearly out

Is it possible that North Carolina voters aren't happy with Republican U.S. Sen. Richard Burr, but still like him a lot better than any of the Democratic alternatives?

That seems to be the message from the latest survey by Public Policy Polling, a Democratic firm that surveyed 683 voters from Oct. 2-4.

Burr's approval rating was just 36 percent. That's down slightly from last month's survey, which had Burr's approval rating at 38 percent.

But when voters were asked about possible match-ups with some of the possible Democratic candidates, Burr easily came out on top. Here's a look at what the survey found:

Burr, 44; U.S. Rep. Bob Etheridge, 33

Burr, 44; Secretary of State Elaine Marshall, 32

Burr, 44; former Lt. Gov. Dennis Wicker, 30

Burr, 44; Durham attorney Kenneth Lewis, 30

Burr, 45; Chapel Hill Mayor Kevin Foy, 29

Burr, 46; former state Sen. Cal Cunningham, 27

The survey's margin of error was plus or minus 3.8 percentage points.


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Re: Poll: Burr down but not nearly out

People did not know who Kay Hagan was either, until she sent Bush's "rubber stamp" Senator Elizabeth Dole packing.

And I hope Elaine Marshall sends Burr packing too.

Burr is the worst thing for North Carolina. He is a carbon copy of Bush and the failed economic policies of the past Republican Administration that caused the recession.

Burr is also part of the sexist, archaic, Republican Senate Delegation that is a congenital obstruction to reforms that help working families.

Senators like Burr would take up for Cigna and its 19 Billion Dollar Profits with its 24 Million Dollar CEO before helping the rejected girl who died needing a liver transplant because CIGNA weaseled out.

I plan to help North Carolina dump Burr once and for all.

Re: Poll: Burr down but not nearly out

Burr has always returned every email sent to him and explained his position. He has visited us a few years ago, invited by a Democrat, to view the dangerous Bonner Bridge in person. I do not understand the N&O constantly harping on how vulnerable he is. I was hoping Hagan had a mind of her own and wouldn't just be another Dem go along but I was wrong. I worked for Burr last time and will do it again.

Re: Poll: Burr down but not nearly out


Re: Poll: Burr down but not nearly out

Burr doesn't ask for earmarks.

Re: Poll: Burr down but not nearly out

As usual the poll results get spun by the N&O. Let's see what The Hill has to say about the same survey:

"Burr looking less vulnerable amid changing environment ...

Public Policy Polling, the Democratic-leaning firm based in North Carolina, just put out new numbers on Burr that show him leading a generic Democrat 45-34. Four months ago, Burr trailed that generic Democrat 41-38. ... Burr has also extended his lead over all of his potential Democratic opponents to double-digits ...

... perhaps more than any other state that voted for President Obama last year, North Carolina is experiencing buyer's remorse.

Burr, who looked like one of the most vulnerable GOP incumbents at the beginning of the year, will likely remain a target because of his favorability numbers, but he's looking to be in better and better shape, and that could scare away someone like Etheridge."

The N&O spins the story to make it sound like voters aren't happy with Burr, but dislike him a little less than the Democrat alternative. The Hill reports the same survey as Burr's numbers are definitely increasing, as a result of voters who wish they could take back their vote for Obama & the Dems.

Re: Poll: Burr down but not nearly out

North Carolina dont want NO more democrackkk senators! EVER!

Re: Poll: Burr down but not nearly out

The proposed Senate finance committee health care reform bill has some of the things Burr had in his own plan, including tax credits for people who buy insurance off the market. I wonder if it's enough for him to vote his conscience and not vote partisan politics, if and when the bill reaches the Senate floor. If he would truly stand up for what he believes is right instead of wobbling around like a wet noodle, he might have more support. And earmark-pork is wrong, especially in this dire economy. It may buy a few votes, but it'll lose more than it gets. People are fed up with earmarks.

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