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Poll: Broad support for photo voter ID

A majority of Tar Heel residents back legislation requiring voters to provide photo identification  at the polls,  according to a new poll.

The Elon University Poll found that 75 percent support voter ID provisions in a bill being considered in the legislature and 80 percent think it is fair.

The photo ID bill is supported by the Republican legislative majority, but has drawn opposition from Democrats, civil rights and voting rights groups.

The poll, which was conducted April 11-14, surveyed 630 North Carolina residents – not just voters – and had a margin of error of plus or minus 4 percentage points. 


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Voter ID will disenfrancise hundreds of thousands of voters

Democracy North Carolina points out that Voter ID will drastically reduce the numbers of voters in NC - up to 900,000 will stay at home or be turned away from the polls.  There is no voter fraud in NC - not one case has been verified.  This is a huge waste of money that will prevent hundreds of thousands of people from voting.  Bad legislation.

there is NO threat to the voting process

requiring valid voter photo ID...any responsible voter has plenty of ID, even the

system abusers, who should NOT be voting!

One rogue poll doth not a truth make

This poll merely proves the point that some of the public do not understand the threat of Voter ID to our democratic process.  Elon College polls are consistently bent to the right - and do not deserve credibility.  Why on earth this poll should be worthy of an item in Under the Dome is mystifying.

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