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Police to Occupiers: Move your stuff

Occupy Wall Street arrestState Capitol Police arrest Margaret Schucker of Raleigh, one of eight people arrested from the Occupy Raleigh movement, on Thursday, Oct. 27, 2011, at the State Capital grounds in Raleigh. Photo by Robert Willett -

Police arrested at least eight people involved in the Occupy Raleigh demonstration after they refused to leave a sidewalk in front of the State Capitol this afternoon.

State Capitol Police told a dozen or so Occupy Raleigh demonstrators that they had until 3 p.m. to move all their camp chairs, tables, and coolers off the sidewalk.

But the conflict came when police asked a woman who was sitting in a chair on the sidewalk to move. The woman, Margaret Schucker of Raleigh, said she had back problems and needed the chair to participate in the Occupy Raleigh demonstration. When police moved to arrest her, other demonstrators joined her and were arrested, too.

Demonstrators in sympathy with Occupy Wall Street in New York have maintained a presence outside the old State Capitol since Oct. 15. They were sitting along a fence on Morgan Street that separates the sidewalk from the Capitol grounds.

The fence was festooned with posters and blankets. Police said told demonstrators to move those fence hangings, too.

The state Department of Administration said in a statement that it asked police to have occupiers remove their property and signs, but that the people were not being asked to leave.

Boxes, chairs and other items made it difficult for others to use the sidewalk, the statement said.


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lol... not much of a "protest"

20 "protesters" (aka beggars) makes the front page?


It looked like there were more media folks there trying to find a story than actual protesters...

Another "movement" in search of a clue....

Arresting non-violent protesters reminds me of Bull Connor

So, the Department of Administration is using local police to ward off non-violent demonstrations?  I suppose that means that they don't remember what happened in Birmingham, Alabama in the 1960s when Bull Connor unleashed dogs and firehouses on civil rights demonstrators.  The right to protest in public is a civil right protected by the Constitution.  Shame on the DOA and its enforcers in the Raleigh PD for violating the fundamental rights of the American people.

Money from where?

<i>which effectively take money from banks and transfer it to ordinary people.</i>

Taxpayer money instead of bank loans, and how does that help the economy?

And of course you realize that you can hobble along paying 10% of your student loans and after 20 years, your loan goes off the books, at taxpayer expense too. 

You're missing the point, classicwhaler.

You need to ask yourself why you are not understanding what's happening. This week Obama made two moves (student loans and mortgage refinancing) which effectively take money from banks and transfer it to ordinary people. And these moves might be only the beginning. Why now? Because the banks and their media mouthpieces are forced to mute themselves. And why are they forced to mute themselves? Because the people you describe with such condescension (and others like them around the world) are doing something. They've changed the political landscape. Something new exists and the authorities are worried that voting in their financially rigged elections won't be enough to legitimate their power. Would you describe the Woolworth's sit-in in Greensboro with the same contempt?

Preoccupied Occupy Wall St?

So even they're bored with it.

"Don't touch my junK'

Sounds somehow familiar....

Great!  Arrest all of the

Great!  Arrest all of the lazy cretins.  None of them are worthy of being citizens of this great nation.  Make them contribute before they are allowed to complain.  What a bunch of losers!  Wish they would have gone in there and cleaned them out with batons and fire hoses.  It would probably be the first bath they would have in a long time.  Bunch of anarchists that deserve to be thrown in jail and used on a road gang.  Make them fill in pot holes and clean up the trash in the roads, which they are probably responsible for anyway.

Working class held hostage

We're held hostage by the banks, brokers, pharmaceutical companies, health care industry, oil & gas, etc. Now they have law enforcement in their pockets. We're prisoners in our own nation.

Protesters or bored citizens?

Rode past the Capitol about lunchtime today, and a handful of protestors were encamped on the sidewalk. Not actively protesting, but playing a couple of guitars, working on a laptop, venting to each other about how Wall Street, corporate America and the rich are ruining their lives. There are (perhaps were) plenty of signs available for new or returning protesters, folks delivering and removing foodstuffs, etc. Amazing what you see and hear at the stoplights with the windows down...

Sometimes an Offensive is the only way to get results

Not this time.

Police to occupiers.

As far removed from Europe as Raleigh is The super Rich and Powerful find a way to get rid of an otherwise peaceful protest..If these people were violent that is one thing..But maybe its going to take organized Riots to be allowed to protest at all ...Sometimes an Offensive is the only way to get results.

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