Under the Dome

Plan for high seas

Sea levels on the North Carolina coast will rise 15 to 55 inches over the next 90 years, according to a state science panel.

In a report delivered to a legislative commission today, the state Coastal Resources Commission's science panel on coastal hazards recommended that planners and policy makers anticipate sea level rise of 39 inches by 2100.

"All of the historical tide gauge records over the last century and geological evidence over the last several centuries offer undisputable evidence that sea level has been steadily rising in North Carolina," the report said.

The science panel recommends installing new water-level gauges, and reviewing the predictions at least every five years.


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So dont we need to bail out beachfront homeowners now?

Its a crisis, democrackkks, take advantage of it NOW!

a rising tide lifts all boats

Wouldn't a rise of 55" put most of the coastal plains under water?

It certainly would cut down travel time for a trip to the coast.

These "political junkies"

should be required to do two things:

1. Recognize that good science is always cautious, and predicting the future is never exact.

2. Put their entire net worth into a fund to defray the property loss, job loss, suffering, and death caused by this generation's failure to avert and to prepare for sea level rise.

Bottom line: This generation is cheating our grandkids, and some of us want that to change.

These "Scientists"...

...should be required to do two things:

1. Come up with something a little more specific than 15 - 55 inches. (That sounds like guys talking about something in a high school locker room - then again it may as well be.)

2. Put their entire net worth into a trust at death. If the sea level fails to rise by their (revised and more specific prediction, if it is 39 inches just say so) the money should go to a charity that does disaster relief. If it their predictions come true it can go to their heirs.

These Nostradamuses need some skin in the game.

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