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Pittenger's bully pulpit

Robert PittengerWhat would Robert Pittenger do as lieutenant governor?

In 1988, Republican Jim Gardner was elected to gavel sessions led by a Democratic controlled legislature. They responded by stripping away much of the job's power, leading to the rise of Senate president pro tem Marc Basnight.

At a debate tonight on WUNC, Pittenger promised that he would help ensure GOP ideas were discussed in the Senate if he was elected. But with Basnight and Senate Majority Leader Tony Rand holding the parliamentary conch, that could prove tricky.

After the debate, Pittenger told Dome how he would operate.

He said that he would recognize more Republican legislators to speak on the floor, allowing them to make amendments. (Currently, some never get that chance.) To prevent those bills from being voted on, Rand would be forced to rule them out of order.

"Is he going to do that 20 times a day, four days a week?" he asked. "There is going to be a time when the iron-fisted control of the Senate is going to be so obvious. He's not going to have the coordinated effort of a lieutenant governor who's working on his behalf."

Pittenger said as a state senator he'd seen Democratic Lt. Gov. Beverly Perdue stop debate to "get her marching orders" directly from Rand.


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Re: Pittenger is a bully

Pittenger is bought and paid for by the business interest in and out of this state! He has been using a "non-profit group" for years to put his NeoCon ideas in the public discourse by using other people's money to buy ad space in newspapers and air time on Right-Wing repoblican radio. He will just be another puppet of Corporate Board Rooms. His mindless supporters with spread any LIE they can think of against the people's candidate, NC Sen. Dalton.

"90 Percent Pittenger"

"Republican opinions, ideas, amendments and even the opportunity to speak are rarely allowed in the governing body of the Peoples Republic of North Carolina."

And yet, Pittenger voted with the Democratic majority over 90% of the time. Why? Because he got the things that he wanted for him and his rich friends.

Re: Pittenger's bully pulpit

It is time to introduce to the NC government reform that will remove all of the Democratic pay to play policies. Transparency is needed that will not happen under a Perdue/Dalton administration.

It is time to throw out the Democrats and bring in some common sense Republican ideals of personal initiative and responsibility. Lowering the spending of our bloated state government will bring somer relief to taxpayers when followed up by returning that money back to where it blelongs. The taxpaying people of North Carolina.

Paul Terrell III

Re: "Status Quo Bev" controlled by Rand


her arrogance about trying to deny her power elite inclusion is preposterous!

Pittenger Lt. Gov. LLC

I think it's more likely that he would answer to the name "Robert Pittenger Lt Gov LLC"

Re: Pittenger's bully pulpit

Democrats have had a tight grip on absolute control of the legislature for a very long time. Republican opinions, ideas, amendments and even the opportunity to speak are rarely allowed in the governing body of the Peoples Republic of North Carolina. If comrade Perdue is elected governor, it will just be more of the same old single party control of state government.

What would Pittenger do as Lt. Gov.

The question asked above is:

"What would Robert Pittenger do as lieutenant governor?"

I really don't know for sure but I doubt he would answer to the name, "Dumpling." If he does we will have some real deep problems.

He really looks more like a "Bob" to me.

McCrory v. Pittenger?

On Tuesday McCrory railed against candidates who can dip into their own pockets to lend their campaigns money and said he won't go into debt, yet Pittenger kicked off his own campaign with a $500,000 loan and by last report had less money on hand.

"Status Quo Bev" controlled by Rand

Based on Pittenger's comment last night, it appears that despite recent denials, Perdue really is a member of the power elite that controls the corrupt and out-of-control actions in Raleigh. Even worse, she may be at the mercy of another member of that same group, Tony Rand. What does he have over you Beverly?

Unless she can give us some public examples of where she has stood up to Rand, Easley, etc. over the past 8 years, I guess that her new nickname, "Status Quo" Beverly fits her quite nicely. What a shame for North Carolina!

Dalton's Conflict of Interest?

What is the story on Dalton voting for 200 million incentives for Dell corporation while he owned stock in the company?

Isn't the plant for sale now?

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