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Petition calling for North Carolina to secede from US tops 10,000 signatures

Petitions to secede from the federal government as a separate and sovereign entity are currently circulating in 24 states.

By Monday evening, 10,159 of North Carolina’s more than 9.6 million citizens had signed the petition introduced by Randy Dye of Pittsboro.

The petitions are available on the website The website is a vehicle established by the Obama administration allow citizens to take their concerns directly to the White House.

If the petition, created on Nov. 9, gets 25,000 signatures within a month, the Obama administration will issue a formal response to it.

Texas has already surpassed the required threshold at 38,747 and growing. Louisiana was nearing the threshold at 20,047 Monday.

Nationwide, the petitions had 228,644 signatures Monday evening.

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the Regime wont allow it ...

You know that.

If you think this is the stupidest thing...

... you ever heard, there is now apparently a COUNTER petition on the same White House website. At least it has a thoughtful message to deliver! Paste this URL in after an https prefix and you'll get there:

I was thinking that if all

I was thinking that if all the "red" states wanted to leave, let them go. But then the US would be stuck taking care of another third world type United Idiots.

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