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Perdue's 'Whistling' ad from Griffith

A second TV ad from veteran North Carolina actor Andy Griffith endorses Democratic gubernatorial candidate Beverly Perdue.


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Re: Perdue's 'Whistling' ad from Griffith

Thanks for the "great blogger" compliment. Maybe McCrory fans can whistle their way on down to the unemployment line if he wins. You can whistle while you DON'T work, and McCrory can whistle while he plays golf with Jim Black or jets on over the Paris on your dollars.

Re: Perdue's 'Whistling' ad from Griffith

more of the same from you to picking perdue, but I think you are great blogger. Poor losers remains to be seen.

Re: Perdue's 'Whistling' ad from Griffith

Is there no limit to how low McCrory's supporters will sink? You just can't say enough about a few newpaper endorsements for him, but let a major star or tons of associations back Perdue, and you all will think of any NEGATIVE thing you can to say about the supporter. I believe this is what we call "poor losers", McCrory fans. I thought McCrory was tired of the negative ads of his opponent...sorry, Pat, those negative ads are yours!

Re: Perdue's 'Whistling' ad from Griffith

I can't believe she is trying Andy again. More of the same

Re: Perdue's 'Whistling' ad from Griffith

HOW is status quo Bev for ANY change in Rawleigh? She's already said she will continue whats been done before her...She's 20 years of inbred NC criminality...MORE CORRUPTION WITHOUT INTERRUPTION!

Re: Perdue's 'Whistling' ad from Griffith

Thanks andy. We know you made it big in hollywood, but we know you live here. A lot of folks look up to you and it's good to hear you endorsing the candidate that IS for change.

Andy Griffith

Plays a conservative sheriff that cares about family values on TV

In real life he is a Liberal Hollywood actor with a documented drinking problem who's been married three times.

Not surprising that Bev Perdue would get someone who pretends to be something he's not to close out her campaign.

Re: Perdue's 'Whistling' ad from Griffith

Its a real shame when this hollywood 'sheriff' cannot detect all the corruption that emanates from Status Quo Bev...

We used to be really proud of Andy, now he's just a lieberal attack actor.

Wake up Andy, and SMELL the DEMOCRAT CORRUPTION in NC!!!

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