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Perdue stepped back because of son

Gov. Bev Perdue sat out the recruitment of a Louisiana company to the Research Triangle because her son was involved in efforts to get the company to move its headquarters here.

As a result, Commerce Secretary Keith Crisco made all the decisions in the recruitment of IEM, a risk management firm, including the promise of as much as $9 million in tax incentives and grants, according to Chrissy Pearson, the governor's spokeswoman.

The governor recused herself because her son, Garrett Perdue, was involved in recruiting IEM as part of his job with the law firm of Womble Carlyle, Rob Christensen reports.

"Because Garrett represented the company in some way," Pearson said, "the governor recused herself early on in the process. What that means is Commerce just carried the lion's share of the recruiting, which is what they do anyway. But the governor can be good motivating or icing on the cake."


The company announced Monday that it was moving to North Carolina creating 430 jobs to the Triangle over the next six years.

Critics have suggested that there is really no way for Perdue to truly recuse herself, since Crisco is a political appointee of the governor. But Pearson argues that Crisco is independent enough to have rejected offering grants or incentives to IEM if he thought it was a bad fit for North Carolina.

On the other side of the process, Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal lobbied to keep IEM in Baton Rouge.

Pearson said her boss should be given credit for stepping aside.

"This is a different day in North Carolina government," Pearson said. "The governor is not shy about sharing potential conflicts of interest. The governor has made it clear to all Cabinet secretaries that she expects the highest ethical standards. The governor has made it clear that there will be no special favors for family members."


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Re: Perdue stepped back because of son, Bobby Jindal complains

HA, HA, HA, wasn't that your saving grace Republican Key Note speaker, the new face of the GOP? Oh, God, oh my, Bobby Jindal, thank you. THANK YOU!

I needed that. And all those jobs he lost to NC. Thanks for those too DCGOP. I promise we'll hire Republicans too.

Re: Perdue stepped back because of son

As governor, it is impossible for her to recuse herself from the actions of her subordinates, so the only solution is for her relatives to find other work - as it stands, this is as dirty as anything the Easleys ever did. I'm thoroughly disappointed and disgusted.

Young Mr. Perdue should have been prohibited from the lobbying on this project, especially since the governor's camp has been insisting all along that his lobbying work is federal, not state.

Re: Perdue stepped back because of son

When Garret was hired by Womble Carlyle, one month after his mom taking office, they claimed he would only deal with federal issues and not lobby the state. It was reported right here in Under The Dome:

"He won't be doing any lobbying in Raleigh," Womble Carlyle spokesman Russell Thomas said then.

Where are you at on this Ben?

Re: Perdue stepped back because of son

Stalin's zombie corpse is speechless. Iz almost too brazen. As ruthless dictator, Stalins is apreciating efforts to be misleading proletariat... to build glorious government and reward great leaders... but corpse cannot be believings peoples is so stupids.

Re: Perdue stepped back because of son

It is still Bev's cabinet. So what if she "steps back"? Still her people...

Re: Perdue's stepped back because of son

Different day?Same crooked and unethical deals just different names.

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