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Perdue's Mayberry Miracle?

Lt. Gov. Beverly Perdue has picked up a big endorsement in the race for governor: Sheriff Taylor.

Andy Griffith appears in a new ad for Perdue in which he touts her vision, strength and honesty. He mentions her endorsements from groups that include, "of course, sheriffs."

"Oh, you're going to be a goooood governor," Griffith tells Perdue.

Griffith agreed to the ad after talking with Senate leader Marc Basnight and Basnight's nephew, fundraiser R.V. Owens, about it.

"Sen. Basnight spoke to Andy Griffith and told him why he thought Bev Perdue was the best choice for governor and Andy Griffith agreed," said Schorr Johnson, a spokesman for Basnight.

Griffith's support is serious business. In 2000, the actor helped Gov. Mike Easley get elected. Easley, then attorney general was the front runner early on, but saw his lead evaporating in the final weeks. Again, with Basnight's help, Grifffith agreed to cut a spot for Easley, which Democrats called "The Mayberry Miracle." Easley ran another Griffith ad in 2004.

Easley's opponent in the 2000 race, former Charlotte Mayor Richard Vinroot doubted the ad changed the outcome of the election.


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Re: Perdue's Mayberry Miracle?

Of course he endorsed Bev! He endorsed Easley. And Griffith and Marc Basnight are good buddies, and you know those good buddies are gonna stick together! Yessirr. Same old, same old, same old crowd.

Gonna get the same old, same old, same old establishment.

Gonna have the same old, same old, same old agendas, vendettas, fat cats and scores.

Nothing miraculous about what's coming.

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