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Perdue wants $1.5 billion in taxes

Gov. Beverly Perdue told legislative leaders Tuesday that she wants the state budget that begins July 1 to include $1.5 billion in new taxes.

"We sort of rolled our eyes and took a deep breath," said Sen. David Hoyle, a Gaston County Democrat and co-chair of the Senate Finance Committee, who attended the meeting.

The request would be double the new taxes included in the budget the House passed last week. Lawmakers have been struggling with a balance of spending cuts and tax increases.

Hoyle cautioned, though, that Perdue's figure is not far flung. A tax plan that he and other Democratic senators are drafting would raise nearly $1 billion next year and $1.4 billion the following year by lowering the sales, income and corporate tax rates but expanding the sales tax to include some services not currently taxed.


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Re: Perdue wants $1.5 billion in taxes

Comment deleted for inappropriate language. MJ

Re: Perdue wants $1.5 billion in taxes

You have got to pay for state services somehow!!!

Re: Perdue wants $1.5 billion in taxes

Phantom: You said "There is a reason over 2 million people left NY the past 10 years. TAXES! And their job killing effect."

What is your source for this data? Prove it.

Re: Perdue wants $1.5 billion in taxes

I agree with you totally about democrat control in the state. I have been a life long resident this state and have personally witnessed the corruption of the democrat leadership. But it never seems to change because the folks think its their duty to vote democrat in this state. That's what I was getting at in the earlier post. The democrat's want to play a blame game, and they are good at making everything look OK, while they push their agenda. Last years election they pushed a early vote for obama and they pushed straight ticket voting which included Bev. Thanks to ACORN and their grassroots mafia. We now have Bev "the I want 1.5 billion" Perdue. What really gets me is these democrats have been doing this for years and they still elect them, Easly,Hunt,Perdue,Black,Basnight the list goes on and on. Can the folks see the corruption of these people???? I would be willing bet, if easly ran for governor in 2012 he would be elected. Even knowing how corrupt he is, he would win in a landslide.

Re: Perdue wants $1.5 billion in taxes

Newsflash: She's already alienated State Employees and Teachers. She and the legislature are screwing with our pay, our health insurance; now let's jack up our taxes. Good job, Bev! I don't know what her end game is, but what she and the legislature are doing is not good for the State and not good for the State Employees.

Re: Perdue wants $1.5 billion in taxes

I'm a registered Democrat and I didn't vote for Purdue. The Hunt/Easley/Basnight machine of which Perdue belongs, needs to be scraped. The machine keeps pumping money into education projects so the current governor can claim the title of "the education governor".

Bev isn't going to alienate the NEA or state employees, ergo, she won't limit government, she want's four more years after this four. To fix the problem; rather than become efficient, she reaches into our pockets. The taxpayers can't afford to keep government services at the same level. I hope the General Assembly puts their foot down and holds the line. I'm not optimistic!

Re: Perdue wants $1.5 billion in taxes


"This is not Barrack Obama's or George Bush's fault. This it is not a democrat or a republican issue. It is a matter of honesty in goverment. A quality that is lacking in north carolina."

Wrong. It is a democrat issue and democrat problem. The democrats have controled every aspect of NC government since reconstruction except for two very brief periods. Near 150 year total control puts the blame squarely on the democrats.

Re: Perdue wants $1.5 billion in taxes

When will NC voters understand that NO AMOUNT of taxes is ever enough for democrats. Despite all the hoopla about cuts, very little waste in state government has been addressed. More taxes will equal more waste as these bafoons squander tax dollars like drunken sailors on shore leave.

Re: Perdue wants $1.5 billion in taxes

There is a reason over 2 million people left NY the past 10 years. TAXES! And their job killing effect.

Soon we should just rename the state Southern New York. And not because so many NYers moved here, but because we will become that which NYers fled.

Same with California.

Unfortunately, I suspect a lot of NYers who fled to our greener grass did not change their voting habits in any way and continued to vote democrat. This will bring the same harm and ruin to NC that they caused in NY.

Re: Perdue wants $1.5 billion in taxes

Governor Perdue already has disapproval ratings over 50%. Now, she is hoping to increase taxes even more. Apparently, she does not enjoy the governorship because it seems to me that she does not want to be re-elected. I hope North Carolinians remember in 2012 what is going on right now in the General Assembly and the Governors Mansion.

Re: Perdue wants $1.5 billion in taxes

I couldn't believe what I just read. Does she really think 1.5 billion in new taxes is achieveable?

We are in a recession, people are cutting back in purchases. Just because you shave off a piece of a percentage point off taxes doesn't mean that individuals or businesses will increase their buying. So buy lowering these taxes, you will end up with less, not more.

And as for taxing certain services. Good luck getting taxes on those. People will start receiving and paying for those services under the table just to avoid taxes.

Re: Perdue wants $1.5 billion in taxes

Actually mountainman, what I would point out as well as part of the issue is the relativly poor job the elected leaders have done managing the growth happeneing here. They have been way to busy trying to figure out how to line their friends and their own pockets with teh proceeds from that growth. I mean look at the whole Easly coastal land deal. Or any of Basnights property dealings. We are turning into California precisley because we are growing like California. In an uncontrolled fashion. My family has been in this state for over 300 years. I have no objection to folks moving here and good growth. The problem is we have growth being driven primarly for $$$ and not so much quality of life. All these new people showing up need jobs, infrastructure, government services, allt hings that require massive public expenditure and long term taxation to maintain. Somebody neutral and disinvested needs to do the math to see if all this growth is actually having a net + or minus on the state budget. My hunch is the piles of people moving here has been a net drain on the state budget and is causing major quality of life issues for long term residents. A number of long term residents who aren't on teh gravy train with the developers or politicos feel very betrayed by our current leadership.

Re: Perdue wants $1.5 billion in taxes

No way will she get $1.5b in taxes for the 2009 fiscal year. While she may have said "no tax increases" earlier on, circumstances have changed since then. I can see a modest increase in taxes to avoid huge cuts (48% of state budget goes to education, 50% of the rest goes to crime control and social services, all difficult to cut) in the budget, but $1.5 billion?

That's way, way too much, Bev. Start telling the NEA that that gigantic education building downtown is about to get a lot less crowded.

Re: Perdue wants $1.5 billion in taxes

She said during the governor's race that she would not raise taxes. So now she wants 1.5 billion in new taxes. Folks, to put it in plain terms she told a lie. Which is the normal thing with politicans, However the only way to stop their lying is to hold them accountable when we vote. If we don't, they think its OK to say anything to get elected then do whatever they want with our money. This is not Barrack Obama's or George Bush's fault. This it is not a democrat or a republican issue. It is a matter of honesty in goverment. A quality that is lacking in north carolina. We need a change in the governor's mansion or we will become the east coast version of california.

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