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Perdue vs. McCrory II?

Could Charlotte Mayor Pat McCrory be thinking about a rematch against Gov. Beverly Perdue?

McCrory, a Republican, has hardly kept a low profile since losing the governor's race to Perdue. But in answering some questions for The Charlotte Observer, McCrory sounded more like a candidate launching a shot at his Democratic opponent. The Observer's Julia Oliver asked McCrory about the impact new taxes could have on Charlotte.

Raising taxes at the local level is as harmful as raising taxes at the State level; they lead to fewer jobs. I will not consider a tax increase and will have to make the tough decisions to reduce the size of government spending. In October 2008, then Lt. Governor Perdue said, "I don't believe you can raise taxes in an economy with folks struggling the way they are." I agree.

Republican strategists and many Democrats said after the November election that Perdue got a big bump with voters from President Barack Obama. And Perdue's polling numbers are way down these days. Of course, the election is not for three more years and Perdue has plenty of time to turn her popularity around.


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Re: Perdue vs. McCrory II?

Don't want to re-hash the campaign here, but these ads were a complete distortion of McCrory's record. 1) McCrory didn't advocate for illegal immigration. In fact, he commissioned a study in Charlotte that proved illegal immigration is a net-negative for Charlotte, and 2) his quote on the NASCAR Hall of Fame was misrepresented. In fact, McCrory made sure the city council passed a provision that prevents illegal workers from working on city projects such as the NASCAR Hall of Fame.

Re: Perdue's ads during campaign?

While I make no comment, and offer no opinion about whether these ads are racist, I am happy to provide a link to them.  

Perdue's racist ads during campaign?

McCroyManager/N&O/Perdue: Does anyone have access to Beverly's radio ads that she ran during the final days of the campaign. I am curious as to if they were truly racist and/or why she chose to run them.

Re: Perdue vs. McCrory II?

It is flattering to know that I am gone, but not forgotten. Not sure what Gigglebox meant by "saying dumb things about African-Americans." I know Pat McCrory as well as anyone and I can say without hesitation that he doesn't have a racist bone in his body. And, if I ever gave him such idiotic advice, he would probably would have fired me.

The only one who played the race card in the 2008 election was the Perdue campaign with their last day hateful radio ads attacking Hispanics. Too bad the media and Hispanic advocacy groups gave them a pass. The racism in those ads was the most overt I have ever witnessed in NC politics.

Anyway, thanks Dome for continuing this great forum. I admit I don't read it every day anymore, but I apprecaite the regular "fix" of NC politics.
-Richard Hudson

Re: Perdue vs. McCrory II?

gigglegosh, your a laugh.

Re: Perdue vs. McCrory II?

If you really think the dems will hold ever office for ever, you are kidding yourself.

So true. Democrats will only be elected as long as Republicans are the alternative.

Good point.

Re: Perdue vs. McCrory II?

gigglebox or gosh??? why not change your name to demoattackdog,centristforhire or nobodylistenstome. If you really think the dems will hold ever office for ever, you are kidding yourself.

Re: Perdue vs. McCrory II?

Submitted by time4change on July 20, 2009 - 10:08pm.

I am a Republican...

Really? You had us fooled at bringing up Alan Keyes.

And here I thought you mattered.

Re: Perdue vs. McCrory II?

I would like to see this too. I am taking the next governor/president election day off and offer my services to drive voters to the polls to vote. The other side did that and so our side needs to get together and do the same thing. Perdue won the election on the black vote coattail of Obama. At my precinct, black religious leaders were outside handing sample ballots to black voters telling them who to vote for and how to vote. It was all democrats checked all the way down the list. On the ballots was written, "We can do it, we can make a change." When these kind of things happen, it reminds me of the third world and second world countries where voters vote who they are told to vote for and not for the person's values or political view points. I am a Republican who actually voted for Obama. I didn't like our parties nominee and liked Obama's view points more - not because he is black or multiracial. I never understood that about the black voters, we have had other highly qualified black people who put their names in for president but there was not the hubbub that Obama recieved. I am speaking of Alan Keyes as one. I voted for McCrory for governor.

Re: Perdue vs. McCrory II?

What Gigglebox doesn't understand is...

...the universe Montcalm comes from.

Good luck! Hey to Richard Hudson! And those darn liberals that hate real Americans that work and whatever else made Hayes and McCrory lose.

Don't forget Dole staffers. Those hate God people from 2008. They're looking for work too!

McCrory for whatever.

Re: Perdue vs. McCrory II?

What Gigglebox doesn't understand is that Bev Perdue ran racist, last minute radio ad's the day before the election Down East, which demonized Latino-Americans. Bev Perdue's campaign tactics were more reminiscent to Helms than McCrory's were. Bev Perdue filled the airwaves with hate-speech, and no one even called her out on it.

Re: Perdue vs. McCrory II?

I would love to see Perdue vs. McCrory II. I think there would be a different result.

Why exactly? Would Perdue play the liberal this time while McCrory pretended to be a hard-liner Conservative that didn't bring in nation-building, bank bailout Bush to headline?

Would Richard Hudson still tell Pat to say dumb things about African-Americans for the Helms effect, or would he actually run in 2012 this time as opposed to 1912?

I want Pat to run against everyone both in 2010 and 2012, as well as 2014, only because I can't think of a bigger loser to beat up. Where do I give? I understand the NCGOP can't afford a url anymore after Pat.

So snail mail?

Re: Perdue vs. McCrory II?

I would love to see Perdue vs. McCrory II. I think there would be a different result. McCrory 2012

Re: Perdue vs. McCrory II?

The fact of the matter is, McCrory has been staying active because that is his job.

I'm sure you're right. After a bathousand years being a liberal RINO mayor beholden to the all Dem Charlotte City Council, now he's grown some.

Good luck in 2012.

Re: Perdue vs. McCrory II?

How about some serious cuts that might hurt some egos and special interests but could save money in the long run. Start with the 28 environmental depts that all have an initial such DENR, DWQ CRC EMC. Lets consolidate this to about 4-5 departments, get rid of the dead wood and go out and do your job without stopping growth. How about getting rid of Clean Water Trust Fund. It started at about 15 million and now is budgeted over 115 million. You can always putit back in a few years. The State is taking over museums that cannot raise money themselves. Well maybe that is the clue, if private money can't be raised then maybe it is not worth saving, Mattamuskeet and graveyard of the Atlantic come to mind. Last year you raised the Earned Income Tax Credit, WHY???? Can I keep going? Senators, Representatives and Governor, Just give me a call if you want my help. Private business and families know how to create and live on a budget, we can teach you.

Re: Perdue vs. McCrory II?

The fact of the matter is, McCrory has been staying active because that is his job. He is still the Mayor of the largest municipality in the state. And his duty is to represent the City of Charlotte until his term is up. I commend him for chiding Perdue, and her efforts to eliminate the City's business tax. Bev Perdue is a horrible Governor. And we have seen just how low she has gone, after the Liberal Democrat polling outfit, PPP, showed her at 25% last week

Re: Perdue vs. McCrory II?

landshark, I could not agree more. Most state agencies could stand some major job elimination. Duplication, stagnation and patronage.

I can never understand why the department heads cannot take control and eliminate wasteful spending. When the various governors introduce these department heads to the state they are the most incredibly smart people ever to hold the job. These new department heads are going to streamline and reorganize, etc. They never do. Then the same is said of the next genius who takes over. And all the while the budget grows and grows and grows along with the growing calls to raise taxes to cover these expanding budgets that these smart department heads were going to cut.

Pretty depressing if you are one of the few who actually pay taxes. How do you get a job like this where poor performance only gets you a better job?

Re: Perdue vs. McCrory II?

It is easy for McCrory or any other person to set back and arm chair quarterback. If he were Governor now he'd have much the same problems. He would probably be looking at raise taxes.

I'm looking for that person or persons willing to cut government jobs and spending where it can without exception. FIRST!!!!!!!!

I will to bet that is the thing most folks are most upset with the current Governor about. State government waste is all in your face right now and no one seems willing to look at this as an opportunity to cut useless and duplicate jobs. I don't want to see 5, 6, 7% cuts I want to see real overhead cuts. Require state employees to take on more work! in tough time we all have to make sacrifices!!!!!!!!

Re: Perdue vs. McCrory II?

Governmess' numbers are totally understandable. NC realizes HOW BAD the democrackkks have abused them for the past 40 years, 21+ of which Dumplin' was involved with...

Re: Perdue vs. McCrory II?

The governor's numbers may be down but that is no reason to call her a dead horse!

I resent that and you should be ashamed.

Re: Perdue vs. McCrory II?

President, Governor, Senate, House, something. Beat a dead horse long enough, it gets relevant again.

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