Under the Dome

Perdue visits with Graham

Gov. Bev Perdue has been trying a lot of things to try to get North Carolina's economy back on track, and now she is turning to prayer.

Perdue and her husband, Bob Eaves, met last week with the Rev. Billy Graham at his home at Montreat, Rob Christensen reports.

The First Couple and Graham prayed for North Carolina's recovery, and Graham prayed that Perdue would receive guidance to lead the state during these turbulent times, according to the governor's office.

"I'm thankful for our time together and his words of support," Perdue said. "I also want to thank Rev. Graham for his prayers for North Carolina's swift economic recovery."


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RE : corruption in north carolina state government

If you ask me she need to get on her knees an pray for the forgiveness of the people of north carolina that she has daily been screwing over with her adminstartion of the states government & it's employees that she is daily screwing over with regards to their salary's an their promised benefits thank you

you know, that is right questionable, aint it?

never thought about it, but WHY?


WHY would a woman marry a man and keep her ex-husband's last name? And whay kind of a MAN would let her do it? Pitiful

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