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Perdue vetoes two more GOP bills

Democratic Gov. Bev Perdue vetoed two bills on Wednesday, including one that would require teachers and state employees to pay a greater cost for their health insurance.

Perdue urged the legislature to return to the negotiating table, saying "now is simply not the time to cut teachers' pay, yet again."

The governor also vetoed a bill that would have given community colleges the option of opting out of federal student financial loan programs.

The GOP leadership said the governor's veto of the health care bill was putting state employees' health care coverage at risk.

"Our bill makes changes very similar to those in the governor's budget," said Senate leader Phil Berger, an Eden attorney. "But with the health plan on the verge of financial collapse, she recklessly chose to cater to her political base."

Perdue has now vetoed four bills in the past two months.


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the TEA party will take you over now!

well maybe not alone, but we are DONE with democrackkks in NC!

Have you seen David Parker's video about Voter ID online?  Absolutely FULL of LIES!

These people are NOT Americans.

The Party of No

We need the Democrats to work with the General Assembly, not be the "Party of No."

Governor No

We need the Governor to work with the General Assembly, not be the "Governor of No."

Loser Governor

Her only power is the veto.

Hey N&P??? How many vetoes have the past gubers signed???

And the collective moron idiot "pur * dunce * head"???

The free ride is over for you libs........

We have NO MONEY.

Tea Party Members are Poop Eaters

Tea Party Members are Poop Eaters

You got that right,


thanks for the teachers we are ok

"now is simply not the time to cut teachers' pay"

Thank goodness the GOP bill would have required teachers to also pay for health insurance or the rest of the state employees would have been SOL.

Thank you, Governor!

Thank you for helping put the brakes on the right wing assault on the middle class and sticking up for hard working state employees. 

let her get all the vetoing she wants

the electorate of this state will veto her next year along with the rest of the crooked democratic majority they sent packing last year.

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