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Perdue vetoes abortion bill

Gov. Bev Perdue vetoed a bill that would have required women seeking abortions to wait 24 hours after state-mandated counseling and to undergo ultrasounds.

In a statement, Perdue said the bill would interfer with doctor-patient relationships.

“This bill is a dangerous intrusion into the confidential relationship that exists between women and their doctors," she said.  "The bill contains provisions that are the most extreme in the nation in terms of interfering with that relationship. Physicians must be free to advise and treat their patients based on their medical knowledge and expertise and not have their advice overridden by elected officials seeking to impose their own ideological agenda on others.”

This is Perdue's 10th veto of the year.

Rep. Ruth Samuelson, a Charlotte Republican and the bill's sponsor, said in a statement that Perdue missed a chance to make abortions safer and rarer.

"We are now in a minority of states that require no special informed consent for abortion and that is shameful, especially with a female governor," Samuelson said. "Having come this far in leadership, Gov. Perdue should have even greater respect for the ability of women to make careful choices when given adequate information. Yet, she made no attempt to work with us in this effort to make abortion safer and rarer, a goal even many abortion advocates support."


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the baby might feel diffently, bigot


Strive to be smarter than the EVIL party of democrat SLAVERY wants you to BE!

Like YOU wahhhhfranklin...STFU

YOU are the racist bigot democrackkk!

Right on Nandono!!!

if you cannot produce a valid photo ID to vote, get the hell out of NC!

Right on Nandono!!!

if you can produce a valid photo ID to vote, get the hell out of NC!

Well done Governer

Government is already invading the private lives of citizens well beyond what it should. This bill would have cost the taxpayers more money and put needless additional stress on women and their families.

You did the right thing. Thank you.

Easy to predict

Don't <urinate> on me and tell me it's raining.  That's a freakin person in there at 20 weeks.  Only a weirdo would say otherwise.  Yes, that means you - you are a weirdo, you're strange, you're outside of normal cognitive function.  You don't recognize the obvious.  You're the person that sends $20K to Guana to help out your new "boyfriend."  You're the person that signs an interest only mortgage.  You're the one that walks away from your home though you can afford the payment.  You're the one who racks up thousands on your credit cards in the months leading up to your backruptcy.  You're the one who takes your child to state sponsored childcare so you can go shopping.  You're the one who gets paid under the table.  You're the one who charges someone $400 for a new alternator.  I tell you, there are plenty of trashy people out there looking out for number one.  Just realize that you are one of them.  It's a person.  And you are in favor of killing it.  Here's to hoping I never have to count on you for anything.

Protecting our rights...really

Okay, so Bev is once again being quoted as protecting our rights.  So unborn children have no rights is the thought.  Okay, I'll think like a liberal for this response.  Feel free to do whatever you choose, whenever you choose is the thought.  Okay, so I want no more waiting period for buying guns.  Abolish that rule because you are delaying me from being able to make a purchase.  Whatever I choose or don't choose to do with the gun is not of your concern.  If I choose to make an irrational decision to take someone else's life, that is my choice and I should not have to wait or have consequences associated with it.  Get some morals people.  For those who have children realize how wonderful they are and that they should not be killed just because you were a dumb@ss in the first place.  Grow up and be responsible for your actions!


is a radical and useless bigot and bully--either because she is weak minded or religiously demented, or both.

Religious and Political Fantasies

Governor Perdue:  Thank you for your veto of this bill on ultrasound before abortion.  The enemy here is religious fanaticism and zealotry of the worst order.  If they got this bill through, it would ten minutes later and they would be at the door with three more amendments moving to eliminate abortion.  These are people who support the murders of medical doctors and works pre-emtively--something which can only be called terrorism.  They are loud, vocal and void of any reason other than their final goal, complete elimination of a medical procedure which is between a woman and her doctors;  not between a woman, the state, some cynical legislators looking for rightwing religious votes, some vengeful god of these radicals and whomever else these perverts can drag into the examining room or operating room.  People with money will get abortions, always have and always will.  The ones impacted by this frothing at the mouth rabid crowd are the poor, young, defenseless.  And, you can be sure that these rabid souls will not in any way be there for the live child, save to cut support and funding for the unemployed parents.

I for one am sick of listening to this ship of fools, the radical anti-abortion terrorists, who shout down and shoot at other people trying to help the defenseless.  A fetus is not a person and all the stuff to the contrary are simply lies.  Why do these fools not take care of the living who need help and stop plaguing those simply looking for a medical solution to their problems.  These poor souls do not make their decisions lightly.  Worry instead about how we will feed 7-8 billion people without rampant disease, starvation, war and hell on earth in conditions which will make their false claims about abortion sound like a cakewalk.  By the way, these fanatics do not respect any other point of view, why should we respect their fantasies?

The General Statute is 14-45.1

Read it carefully, lrlrlr, as a defense lawyer would.

Legally speaking, there is NO real barrier in North Carolina to aborting an unwanted child right up until the moment of birth.  The law is NOT specific - "substantial risk" is not defined - and the law can very broadly interpreted - for instance, if having a baby "gravely impairs" the psychological health of the Mother, well, there you go.

Or rather, there the baby goes.  And it "shall not be unlawful".

But don't let any pesky facts get in your way.

I'm not sure where you've been for the last two years, but Obamacare most certainly exists (perhaps you're just nit-picking over an acronym?).  Let's hope the Supremes ultimately strike it down.

Ah, yes, just a convenience eh?

Way to dismiss the other point of view.  An abortion is convenience just like pay-at-the-pump gas, eh?   

Unborn voters!!! Yay Bev, you're the best!

Obviously Bev is counting on counting those unborns at the polls where people aren't required to simply show proof of who they are. What a RACKET!!! For those that think getting an ID is too hard or an inconvenience, please, please move away. You don't deserve to live in this country, much less this state!

Bev's "Choice"

No where in these comments and observations is the "choice" for a woman to engage in sexual activity that leads to the creation of a life that needs to be protected from the sacrifice to convenience. Human sacrifice is wrong wherever and whenever it takes place. Waiting 24 hours is just another inconvenience for choosing death over life. There is no justification for the veto or the illogical and ghastly comments posted herein. Shame on all of you.

Ruth is wrong

Oh, and how will "they" be safer.... The women will only go back to the back alley days for call that being safer?  These people who want "government out of my life" seem to not know what they want.  People who have "never been there" should never say what those who have been there should do. This is a personal choice and noone, especially the government should dictate what a women should do in this situation.

Thank you Governor Perdue. Truth stands.

Thank you Governor for standing up for our rights.  You will get my vote again.

Oh, and for the commenter earlier who got it wrong - "First 20 weeks of pregnancy no medical requirements regarding mother or fetus; after 20 weeks, must be substantial risk that would threaten life, health of mother".

That's the actual law although I suspect he/shes prefers the hype of suggesting elective abortion is available up to the day of birth for a mere head cold.  

Of course, making reference to something else that doesn't exist "Obamacare", I suspect that commentator doesn't care so much for pesky "facts".

"Don't like abortion? Don't have one!"

Simple, indeed (not to mention a huge savings to us the taxpayers who are unwillingly funding this legislative fiasco)...Freedom of Choice should therefore be the GOP's mantra, if they are in fact sincerely concerned with trimming our budget.


Governor Perdue is to be not only commended but also roundly applauded for her courage and conviction in protecting the rights of North Carolina's citizens.  To those who would dictate otherwise to our female population, I say let's see your reaction to perhaps being ordered to lose weight, cease smoking, exercise regularly, etc...intelligent, life-saving behaviors that you nevertheless would not want our state shoving down your throats.

But the left has no problem

But the left has no problem imposing waiting periods and other assorted roadblocks to citizens exercising an actual enumerated constitutional right.



Politicians have NO business forcing their personal beliefs into the doctor's office, for sterilization OR abortion, or anything else.  Women who believe that abortion is wrong, for whatever reason, already have the CHOICE not to have one, thanks to Roe v. Wade.  Don't like abortion?  Don't have one.  Simple.

Once again, the democrit party represents the party of death.

Millions of innocent unborn babies butehered in their mothers' wombs, and the democrits don't want anyone to have to see what they are about to allow to be butchered.

Thanks for reminding me again of one of the reasons why I am no longer a democrat.

What stopped you from

What stopped you from believing? Gov. Perdue knows how to cure anything, solve any problem that is personal or legislative, and probably makes a fine quiche' as well. If it's liberal, you can rest easy because you're back is covered. For the first time in decades many North Carolinians can be proud to be an American and a Carolinian again. It's good to be the Queen.

FYI, the AMA "represents" . . .

. . . only about 20% of practicing physicians.  Most of the rest of us have no use for the organization - as it sold out the profession long ago. 

(Insert sarcasm) yes indeed, it's just horrible that Representative Ruth was trying to slow down (by one day) a process that takes a life - something that is far too easy for some women (in some of these abortion "mills") to do.  

As I understand the statute, in North Carolina, viable infants can be pithed right up until the day they are born, as long as it's done by a licensed doctor in a hospital and for a reason that serves the life and ill-defined health of the Mother. 

Very civilized.

I did not expect Dumpling to do anything but veto the bill, so I'm not really disappointed.  Low expectations and all that.

Speaking of "political hubris", if the AMA really wants to sue someone for saying something bad/false about physicians, perhaps they should start with President Obama.  BO (before Obamacare), I seem to recall him saying that Pediatricians do tonsillectomies for the money (Pediatricians don't perform tonsilectomies - and if we really were as evil as our President makes us out to be, we'd never make a referral for the procedure - instead continuing to bring kids in for more visits and ply them with antibiotics).

Thank you Governor!!!!

Governor, you're giving us reason to believe again.  Keep up the great work and we'll stick with you!

Ruth is out of line. Forcing

Ruth is out of line. Forcing women to go twice to an abortion provider, on two different days, just to have them perform a government mandated procedure (and have to pay for it along with the abortion) is an economic hardship for many. It's a blatant attempt to discourage pregnant women who for whatever reason, want to terminate their pregnancy. It shows that the "party of small government" only believes that until it's time to intrude into your personal life, then they are all about creating new ways to do it.

Political medicine

This was the only correct response to the bill.   

Rep. Ruth is saying that physicians would not ordinarily provide adequate information needed by patients for decisions.   What type of political hubris is that?  Could the AMA sue her for libel?

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