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Perdue urges quick action on green

Gov. Bev Perdue told the first meeting of the Energy Policy Council on Wednesday that she wanted her advisors to come up with a plan make the state more energy efficient and environmentally friendly by April in time for the short session of the legislature.

The governor said she wanted the council to look at what taxes should be changed, whether utility regulations should be altered and whether the work force is being properly trained for new green jobs, Rob Christensen reports.

"I am urging you all to make some decisions very quickly on how we can push North Carolina into a national leadership position in green around the green economy," Perdue told a meeting held on the Centennial Campus at N.C. State University.

The council is headed by Tim Toben of Chapel Hill, developer of Greenbridge Development and includes executives from Duke Energy, Piedmont Natural Gas, the Environmental Defense Fund, a biofuels company, a solar fuels company, legislators and others.


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Re: Perdue urges quick action on green

Why do I feel like an idiot for not embracing all of this green. Why are we going to make housing less affordable to satisfy the enviros and not do anything to lower utility bills with any significance and raise utility costs with a cap and trade bill. Duke Power is about to invest mucho rate payer dollars on wind mills in Pamilico Sound to appease a small group of wind proponents even though we all know it will never be cost effective. I just do not understand the Governor pushing for all of these so called green jobs and I do not know what they are except for more college professors taking gov't money for more studies. I guess someoe will explain it to me someday. I am sure it is part of that political correctness stuff.

Re: Perdue urges quick action on green

Green jobs or gringo jobs?

How bout a REAL NC Jobs 'program' that OUTLAWS employers from hiring ANY ILLEGALs to work for them?

Start with this for some REAL change, Bev!

Re: Perdue urges quick action on green

Drill and dig. We have the natural gas and the world greatest source of coal however the environmental Nazis are in control! Vote them out in 2010!

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