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Perdue to sign bill requiring CPR training to graduate high school

Gov. Bev Perdue is planning to sign a bill that requires North Carolinians to complete a cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) training course in order to graduate from high school, starting with the graduating class of 2015.

Even though CPR training has technically been required for high school graduation since 1997, it has never enforced and implemented around the state.

Perdue said she will sign House Bill 837 into law on Thursday morning alongside the bill's co-sponsors: Reps. Becky Carney, a Democrat, and Carolyn Justice, a Republican. The measure passed the House and Senate near the end of session with little opposition.

North Carolina is one of five states with such a requirement, according to a release from Perdue.


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Students already have to

Students already have to take a health class in high school... This definitely sounds like something that should just be include in that curriculum instead of adding another requirement to graduation requirements and overloading already overstressed school staffs.  Adding this requirement as an extra class to be taken just simply means that students will have one less class to choose in high school, reducing classes that actually prepare students for college bound careers.

Graduate High School?

CPR is fine.

But first people need to learn the English language.

So is the high school going to be split into birds of halves?

Someone on the NO can't write headlines and didn't take an editing course.

Sooner or later, literate people won't read this rag!



NC ranks toward the bottom

NC ranks toward the bottom nationally in education and many student populations have dismal graduation rates, so in her "wisdom" Perdue wants to heap non-academic requirements on students and increase barriers to graduation. Brilliant. Of course, she did not do it alone, our legislators -- both Democrat and Republican -- allowed it to happen. Will they ever understand what their job is? Here is a clue, it is NOT to pass thoughtless, irresponsible legislation just because they can. Priorities!

Say what?

Save it for the Tech Schools and proper training.  They need to reinforce vocational educational training and keep it real.

Just because Bev's administration needs CPR doesn't mean everyone else needs to learn it.


First, I'm not sure why bills (laws) are signed if they are not going to be enforced.  A waste of taxpayer's money?  Of course.  That being said, I applaud Perdue but wonder about the word "technically."  

Teaching in NC

How about having the school system teach students about the US Constitution so the students can see how bad the state and federal governments are screwing us on a daily basis!

CRP training wasn't already

CRP training wasn't already a part of the high school curriculum?  Stupid state.


Wonder who told her to sign this one, Howard Lee or Norris Tolson?

CPR Training

 I'm now convinced.  Far too many stupid people live here


How about literacy as a requirement for graduation?

How many gang-bangers are going to do CPR on their victims?

Talk about fiddling while Rome burns.

Aw, what are y'all complaining about?

Look here: cpraedcourse dot com will let you take an online test and print out your certification card in minutes! All for twenty bucks! No real knowledge or demonstrated skill required!

In fact, it reminds me of the old swimming test required to graduate from the UNC system colleges. I made quite a few dollars in school taking the test for people who didn't want to take the test for one reason or another. All you did is show up at the pool and answer "yes" when they called a name.

This is a perfect example of the thinking of our lords and masters in Raleigh - sounds good, but doesn't really hold up to any critical thought. 


That's true of first-aid, as well.  And, knowing how to perform the Heimlich is probably even more important than CPR.

The fact that something is worth teaching does not mean that the schools should be teaching it.  There are only so many hours in a school year -- if several of them are dedicated to teaching CPR, then that necessarily means that they will NOT be dedicated to teaching something else.  Personally, I'd be really PO'd if I found out that I couldn't take Calculus because Dumplin' wants me to take CPR instead.  (Especially if I got CPR training at the Y.)

Knowing CPR is a good thing.

You never know when it is needed.  It should be started in middle school.

New Bern Bound - Just not soon enough

So I'm assuming Bev has a CPR card, right?

When the heck is she going back to New Bern?  Oh, that's right.  After she finishes bankrupting the state.

Stupid... Stupid... Stupid ... Stupid

So, first of all, learning CPR is a good thing.  But, there are lots of good things that people should learn. Every time some idiot politician adds something our our already overburdened schools, those schools have to drop something else.  

And there's a tax for that

Thank you. Where can I pay my tax for this? 

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