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Perdue signs new executive order, essentially reversing herself

Gov. Bev Perdue signed a new executive order Wednesday that will enable her to fill a seat on the N.C. Supreme Court in the waning days of her term.

The new order, No. 137, essentially rescinds a previous executive order that required an independent nominating commission to recommend candidates for court vacancies. In the document, She blamed time constraints as the reason to circumvent the process she voluntarily created -- and even went so far as to urge future governors to use the commission.

Perdue's new order calls the changes "a temporary modification" that gives her the ability to pick her own candidates for "all judicial vacancies that currently exist or that may arise" before she leaves office in a month.

State Supreme Court Justice Patricia Timmons-Goodson announced she would step down in November. Democrats lost a heated battle to defeat Republican Justice Paul Newby in the November elections.

Perdue said she will exercise her constitutional and statutory authority to fill vacancies on her own and plans to consult members of the commission "as I deem appropriate." 

Back in April, when she established the nominating commission, Perdue said, "there is no place for politics when it comes to choosing the state’s most honored and influential legal servants.”

Republicans are calling Perdue a hypocrite for reneging on her previous executive order.

EO 137.pdf


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Yes, I will miss Dumplin'

I probably will not miss Hillary too much as she did not get much play on the Dome.  But I will miss Dumplin'.  She has been so entertaining and was always up to something.  She could do a "I Love Lucy" update series.  As for someone to turn my male insecurities on that will probably have to be womens' basketball.  Those girls sure do intimidate me.  I have found it fairly easy to find targets for my male insecurity.  It must be inborn.

what are you guys going to do...

What *are* you guys going to do when Perdue is gone and Hillary is no longer Secretary of State? Who will you turn your male insecurities on then? Without a woman in power to focus your lack of self-esteem on, where will you focus your rage about your physical, um, "shortcomings"? It's not like you can turn it on your mothers -- without them, where would you live? Who would buy your jumbo bags of Cheetos for you? No, you will have to cast around for some other powerful female that threatens you and pushes every button you have (at least every button that hasn't popped off already from sheer obesity). Good luck fellows!

Say, perhaps some of you could cross-dress and take it out on each other? Yes, I think that's the solution. Especially since most of you are probably doing it already. Oh, wait -- I think I hear someone's mother calling... yes, yes, there it is: "Herrrrmaan! Have you seen my pantyhose?!"

Bev is merely entertaining us.................

until the circus gets to town early next year.  She has one of the best carnival acts I have seen in years.


Bev, it will take us decades to recover from the damage you have done to the Democratic Party in NC.  This just added a few more years.

Dix Property to be renamed in Honor of Perdue

Naming a "destination" park on the Dorthea Dix site (home of the states largest "mental" care facility) after Governor Beverly Perdue is so appropos.  Current Governor Perdue's (yes, that one....the Democratic one that even the UNC crowd booed) name would be very fitting for the park.

Even William Jefferson Clinton, when asked about reversing an executive order with another executive order quipped...."Damn, you mean you can do that....?"

Words actually fail me....perhaps she is suffering from some type of mental incapacity....

Au contraire

The difference is that Beveto set herself up as someone different and better.

So she is now only being hoist by her own petard, which is fitting.


Whatever thrills me, will be. Que ha ha, ha ha.


More shenanigans.

She's a piece of work.

I think the word that best describes the departing gubner is "feckless."

It's quite the feat to sign executive order #1, then sign executive order #2 rescinding executive order #1 while urging that executive order #1 should be the one future governors should really use instead of executive order #2.

This executive order's dead!!

No it isn't!! It's just resting!!

Bevver? Bevver!

Terry Sanford must be rolling over in his crypt.


You guys are going to rip her for doing exactly what Every. Single. Politician does on their way out?  Seriously?  If you think for one MINUTE that only a democrat or Perdue specifically would do something like this you have another thing coming and are naive beyond belief.  The fact that she had issued an executive order NOT doing this her entire four years -- given that EVERY other Governor has been able to do exactly what she's doing now is shocking in and of itself.  So, please, calm down.  Your lovely Republican cronies are about to run NC back to the stone age along with Mississippi, Alabama and the like so I think you can handle ONE little appointment that will not change the makeup of our conservative Court anyway.  You should just pray that she doesn't commute every single death row inmate's sentence to life without parole.  It could happen. 

wanna reason for the fall of the NC Democratic empire

Here's one more example of why NC's Democratic Party has lost power after ruling the state for over a century. The Democratic Party is supposed to the the party of high ideals and moral superiority, not of hypocrisy. 

and that might include a

and that might include a prison term too............wait til she s out of office to see what law enforcement does.

Until I read this and

Until I read this and discovered that Dumplin' will issue an executive order to rescind her own executive order so that she can beat the clock, I figured she was ok to fast-track approving her choice for Supreme Court.  But this is just pure political BS.  Funny how the N&O editors vigorously condemned the partisan backing of Newby, but they'll let this go with barely a whimper.

A shame she can't just exit with some integrity and self-respect.


bev...............showing her dumbness and stoopidity right down to the last minute.  what a legacy !!!!


Wouldn't expect anything less from her.  And she wondered why they booed her at the Carolina basketball game.

Lil' Dumplin's legacy.....

Lil' Dumplin's legacy grows and grows.....

At this rate she should descend to "the Easley Level" by next Tuesday.

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