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Perdue says costly trip to China is worth the money

Gov. Bev Perdue departs tomorrow for an Asian trade mission to China and Japan. It will be her second trip to China in 2 1/2 years.

The question this time, amid the economic realities, is whether the trip is worthwhile. Perdue said yes. "This is the most robust economy in the world right now. North Carolina has to have a relationship with them," she said recently. "So it sounds like a lot of money. I know its a lot of money. But the only way we can build this international trade alliance is through personal contacts."

The commerce department also suggested that Honda Jet's recent expansion to its Greensboro facility is credited to the governor's previous trip to China. "There are significant leads we are spending time on while we are in Asia," said commerce department spokesman Tim Crowley.

The state budgeted $40,000 for the trip with another $60,000 coming from the commerce department's nonprofit -- the North Carolina Commerce Trade and Development Fund.

Led by Commerce Secretary Keith Crisco, the nonprofit takes unlimited contributions from outside business interests, including some that lobby the governor and general assembly on legislation and policy. The commerce fund will pay for the receptions and gifts for foreign leaders, Crowley said.

According to its 2010 tax documents, the commerce fund spent $318,000 to court economic development, running a $64,000 one-year deficit when it's revenues didn't meet costs. Going into this year, the fund had $163,000 in assets.

The state's portion of the cost does not include money for a security detail, he added, which could cost about $20,000.

Perdue's husband and Crisco's wife will also travel to China but will pay their own way. The state bought the governor and secretary economy tickets on American Airlines and any upgrades are paid for from personal funds, Crowley said.

Invitations were sent for the sponsored receptions to a number of major businesses with recognizable names: Lenovo Group, Cisco Systems, Bank of America, SAS, Red Hat, Lowe's Home Improvement and dozens more.

The governor will return from the trip Oct. 26, meaning she will miss President Barack Obama's visit and the state Democratic Party's big annual fundraiser in Asheville.

The governor's office has not returned calls about how Perdue feels about an effort in Congress to impose higher tariffs on Chinese goods to counter the global competitor's devaluation of its currency. A number of prominent Democrats, including U.S. Sen. Kay Hagan of North Carolina, supported the legislation when it passed the Senate by a 63 to 35 vote earlier this week.


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How much longer do we have to put up with this ditz?

I guess one more trip on the tax payer's tab to see the great wall is not such a high price to pay.  Or is it?  Maybe she could have used that money to save a teacher's job. I mean she is the education governer afterall.

They're still brutal communists.

So, Bev's gonna kiss some communist Chinese behind on our dime. Disgusting. By the way, what idiot made us a sister state with a communist Chinese province? Folks like that have ruined my democratic party.

Boondoggle by any other name

'Asian Trade Mission' and taking an entrouge including hubby. Interesting how such trips occur in the best weather month in North Asia (October).  I'm sure there will be trade. Her money for Chinese cuisine. Her money for sundry shopping goodies. 

Also, sure the poor American Embassy staffs in China and Japan really appreciate the extra work 'arranging' these boondoggles by 'visiting firemen' (term we used back when I was in the Service stationed in Japan for visiting self-styled bigwigs from Hawaii Headquarters.)


What else would you expect her to say but that the trip is worth the cost. i as a taxpayer say that it is not worth the taxpayers funding this trip until such time as her an mr crisco bring home the perverberal bacon. in the form of real jobs to this state for the working classes in this state an as yet she has throughly fail to do so  she is a total failure for the working classes in this state in my own personal opinion . an i am a life long "D"  she should have been recalled promtly after her election if you ask me. for she has either given or sold the entire state to the opposition party " r" in my personnal opinion an she has given an handed out to many incentive package to big an large coporate instrest an what kind of jobs have the people of this state relized for these incentives packages i say not one job just as the result of this trip will utlimatly produce for the taxpayers of this state. thank you  

The department of Commerce

The department of Commerce "suggested" that the Honda plant re-location might have been a result of Bev's previous visit to China.

If that plant had located here because of anything Bev said or did, you can bet they would be screaming it from the rafters, not "suggesting" it in some tiny news article.

What do you expect her to

What do you expect her to say.  At least while she is in China it will be more difficult for her to embarass us than when she is here.

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