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Perdue: Budget doesn't protect schools

Gov. Beverly Perdue chided lawmakers Wednesday for not having a state budget.

The delay has cost $80 million in missed budget cuts and uncollected new taxes, Perdue said in a written statement.

"School starts back in less than a month, and principals, teachers and parents still don’t know what they can expect for their children in the classrooms. This is unacceptable," she said.

Perdue has previously called on budget negotiators to raise as much as $1.6 billion from a menu of taxes. The current budget agreement calls for $990 million in new taxes.

I am once again calling upon the General Assembly to do what they were sent to Raleigh for — to make tough decisions in tough times. From what I’ve seen so far, I remain very concerned about the budget’s impact on the K-12 classroom. Find a way to protect public schools and the core services of safety and public health, period. The clock is ticking.


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Re: Perdue: Budget doesn't protect (fill in the blank)

Budget doesn't protect NCAE.

Budget doesn't protect the Democratic base.

Budget doesn't protect Democrats in 2010 elections.

Re: Perdue: Budget doesn't protect schools

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Re: Perdue: Budget doesn't protect schools

Getting the economy going again is going to require cutting spending and cutting taxes to get businesses hiring again. The state is attempting to maintain spending by raising taxes. That isn't change, it's status quo. Cut spending here, and cut spending now.

The budget doesn't matter if there's no revenue to pay for it. NC citizens should come first, not State government, when it comes to maintaining their standard of living. I see programs being cut, not personnel, unheard of in the private sector. Furlough every state employee who is retirement eligible and non-essential as a start. They've sucked off the public teat long enough. Most off them have probably done a fine job, but in this economy, it's time for them to start drawing off the pension fund, not the general fund. It's in their best interest financially to hang on as long as possible, which is why the Legislature must step in. That's the quickest way to cut spending and get on the road to economic recovery.

Re: Perdue: Budget doesn't protect schools

What about the money from lottery funds that were pulled away from schools just a couple of months ago? You took that money and now you say you need to impose new taxes to keep from making deep cuts in education?

I have a theory. Maybe it's just easier to raise taxes under the guise that it will prevent deep cuts in education? Maybe the plan was to pull some of the lottery proceeds away from schools knowing you'll replenish it by raising taxes and by imposing new taxes, scare the bejeebies out of the teachers by insinuating that some may lose their jobs if taxes aren't raised and new ones imposed and in the end, when you impose higher taxes and impose new taxes (all for the sake of education) it appears you've saved the day and the educators will adore you and continue to support you?

Re: Perdue: Budget doesn't protect schools

NC-the state where the governor and the legislators are working to maintain illiteracy if parents can't afford to send their kids to private school. Since the elected officials are working overtime to keep their cronies rolling in dough, and ripping off the ordinary hard working citizens, I think it is evident who will be able to afford an education. No wonder so many kids are out selling drugs. The "trickle down theory" is the criminal activity and corruption at the top of the state government.

Re: Perdue: Budget doesn't protect schools

Ya know, Bev, Schools aren't everything. What about the State Employees you've given the shaft to over the past months? Since the insurance increase the BCBS hired hand pushed that YOU SIGNED, and not to mention the furlough, I have to choose whether I can afford to go to the doctor or be sick/in need of care. And now you want more taxes for the already cash-strapped people of NC?

GREAT JOB!!!!!......Can we impeach her? I don't think any of us can take the remainder of her term.

Re: Perdue: Budget doesn't protect schools

Uhh Bev, the new school year started three weeks ago--and it sucks.

Re: Perdue: Budget doesn't protect schools

If she is so dang upset then she needs to veto the dang spending bills ahen they are passed in their final form. Put up or shut up Governor.

Re: Perdue: Budget doesn't protect schools

Purdue needs to basically shut up; her own party's leaders are telling her "enough is enough" when it comes to taxes, and if her precious education department has to cut back in the administration section in order to keep from increasing classroom size or lose more teachers, then that's fine with me. The legislature has cut several billion dollars from the budget and proposes raising taxes to the tune of nearly a billion dollars; in case she didn't notice, there's a severe recession going on and unemployment is over 10% in this state.

Re: Perdue: Budget doesn't protect schools

How about this? All the people who are really angry at the way our representatives are representing us go to the following websites and contact each and every member of the House and Senate with an e-mail or letter. If every member received thousands they should get the idea. In your letter state:

1. That every line item of the budget must be clear and transparent for voters to see where every penny is going; it could be out on the NC Gov website under Quicklinks to make it easy for everyone to access. This would help everyone know what special interest groups are getting the money and how much.

2. That if they continue the path they are on they will not have anyone to tax and NO money to spend as a majority of NC'ers will be in the welfare and food stamp line.

3. That we the voters are watching and WILL vote in the next election. - House - Senate

Re: Perdue: Budget doesn't protect schools

First, the gov says that schools start in less than a month - what about the ones that have already started? She needs to get her facts straight.

Second, as a teacher I am horrified that she is trotting out the "poor little teachers and kiddies" line for every tax increase she wants. They need to go line by line through the budget and decide what to keep and what to cut every year. I bet it would help. And our politicians need to get back to basics - actually caring about ALL the people they represent (as opposed to those that help them get elected) rather than seeing how much money they can take from them to spend on pet projects.

Re: Perdue: Budget doesn't protect schools

Quoting from above: " make tough decisions in tough times."

i.e., raise taxes in tough times rather than budget cuts.

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