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Perdue raising money in Raleigh

Democratic Gov. Bev Perdue is planning to hold a high-dollar fund raiser at the Raleigh home of Bryan and Carson Holding Brice on June 23. Donations range from $250 to $4,000.

Carson Brice is a member of the Raleigh banking family that controls First Citizens and is chairman of the Raleigh's Contemporary Art Museum.

While Perdue has not formally announced her re-election plans, she has begun her fund raising for what is expected to be a difficult effort to retain her seat next year. Former Charlotte Mayor Pat McCrory, who she defeated in 2008, is already actively campaigning across the state.


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How about raising funds for air cond for inmates


Urgent information please pass on to family; Duplin, and Randolph CI have had inmate elderly passed out from heat exposure other inmates are passing out and tempers are flaring. I had an voice mail message on phone from lady she was crying so hard I could not understand the name of inmate she said he died. Please pass this on to family members for urgent calls to GOV office and DOC. I am convinced these two inmates are not the only ones suffering and many are most likely being locked up. This is the most egregious inhuman treatment and torture possible. When did $ take the place of human life, DOC official Keith Acree said that fans have been installed but that Legislators will not approve the expense of installing air conditioning. Inmates are sleeping in sheets drenched with their own sweat! The elderly and chronically ill will not survive this.


P.O. Box 49572

Charlotte, NC 28277

Isn't she also related...

to the Bush appointee that was kept to make the decisions in Bev's predecessor's case (Easley - turned over to the local Democrats to prosecute) and Edwards's case (wherein it seems, ALL decisions are now acknowledged to have been made by the DC Democrats)? ... Was he kept for political cover only? I mean, it wasn't like he was EVER going to TRY either case.

     And the bank, isn't that the one that the new US Attorney's (for the middle district of NC - subsequent to his numerous appointments by Easley to the bench) father (Bev's appointee as Paroles Chief) has an interest  in? Incestuous, isn't it? Pretty powerful bank...AND families! We citizens are sooooo lucky to have such dedicated "public" servants as this bunch! Does anyone else see a problem or two...or three...or a hundred here? Or is it just to be expected...AND ACCEPTED?!



How many .....

How many current and former N&O staffers will be on hand with cash and good wishes ???

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