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Perdue: Pay no attention to the Republicans, the state is not broken

Democratic Gov. Bev Perdue took strong exception Saturday to Republican charges that North Carolina was “broken” and needed to be fixed.

Speaking to a Democratic Women's Breakfast, she said she as “sick and tired” of all the ads criticizing the state and the country. And while she did not mention any names, she was clearly referring to Republican gubernatorial candidate Pat McCrory.

“I'm tired of them talking about how sorry the country is and how broken the state  is” she told about 300 people at the Grove Park Inn. “Let me remind you that we are not broken.''

“We are the greatest country in the world and North Carolina if the greatest state in the country,” Perdue said.

If the state was broken, Perdue said, why have 250,000 new people moved to the state during the last few years – adding to the state's unemployment rate. If the state is broken why is North Carolina rated first, second, third or fourth as the best place to do business.

North Carolina has added 115,000 new jobs during the past four years, she said.

And she said North Carolina is one of only eight states that has a AAA bond rating from Wall Street accrediting agencies.

Perdue told the Democrats that one of her proudest accomplishments as governor was vetoing the voter ID bill, which she was a “voter suppression'' effort being pushed by Tea Party type groups across the country.

If had become law, Perdue said, “More than one million voters in this state would have disenfranchised.''

Also speaking at the breakfast was Lt. Gov. Walter Dalton, the Democratic nominee for governor, and former Congressman Bob Etheridge.

Later in the evening, the Democrats will hold their annual Western Gala, which used to be called the Vance-Aycock Dinner.


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The Tea Party Group

I think Bev is referring to the  Tea Party Group at Churchill Downs.  During the Kentucky Derby the Tea Party Group is a bunch of gals that get together and drink tea while talking politics, dresses, hats and gloves.  

Define 'TEA Party TYPE group', Bev

what 'type' groups is Dumplin' referrin' to widdat?

Bev should be ashamed of herself vetoing VOTER ID which IS the necessary insurance for electoral integrity and it WILL be passed because more than 60% of the people support it!

"....took strong exception"

"Lil' Lame Dumplin took strong exception to......."

WHOA, that no doubt shook the NCGOP to it's core.  A "strong exception taken" by a totally irrelevant lame-Dumplin'.  What's next..... Mary Easley stamps her foot?


Interesting to understate...Bev says our government is not broken, Wally says he will fix it, seem to have a different viewpoint of the state of the State from the same party. Can you believe it has been almost 4 years since Bev and Wally were swept onto NC political shores by the Obama tide, yet they still can't get their stories straight. I guess the hwy patrol, SBI crime lab, DOT, non were broken in Bev's mind, athough plagued by scandal  and inefficiencies. Visions of white horse Wally coming to save the day that doesn't need saving, what a circus. We have to instill integrity, long range planning, and rebuild our brand in North Carolina....McCrory '12.

more of the same

Dalton would be more of the same clueless style of government. Keeping the corrupt good ole boy/girl type of politics alive and well in Raleigh. 25 years of uninterrupted control has lead to a entitlement mentality for career politicians like bev/wally. I think it will end November 6th.....McCrory 2012

Does Dalton agree with Bev's view of US & State?

I would agree that the US and NC are or have been great, but the dems are to blame for many of the problems, particularly in the state.  Bev remains clueless and it will be interesting if or how Wally responds to her comments as he is now often referred to as Beverly Dalton.

Out of touch with reality

Bev lives in her own little social elite world. I don't think dumplin has missed any paychecks or worried about buying school clothes for the kids. She is pathetic and hasn't got a clue what the real world is like. the best part of this election is, no matter who wins,.. North Carolina will at last be rid of this career politician.

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