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Perdue: 'Zero tolerance for unacceptable behavior'; troopers put on desk duty

Gov. Bev Perdue issued a statement repeating that she has "zero tolerance for unacceptable behavior" when it comes to the actions of state troopers.

Perdue also disclosed that two troopers accused of mistreating a Raleigh mother and her husband have been placed on administrative duty pending the outcome of an internal affair investigation.

"We expect the absolute best from state employees," Perdue said, according to the written statement. "This incident has been under investigation since it came to light. These two troopers have been placed on administrative duty. The secretary of Crime Control and Public Safety and the colonel of the Highway Patrol will take appropriate action upon completion of their investigation.”

The investigation of Senior Trooper Edward S. Wyrick and Trooper Andrew Smith was prompted by an eight-page letter sent to Perdue Friday by Raleigh lawyer Hoyt Tessener, detailing his wife Gina's negative experience with Wyrick earlier this month in Wilmington.

The Tesseners have accused Wyrick of falsely arresting the 51-year-old mother of three, mistreating her and then orchestrating an unjustified traffic stop of her husband by Smith.

Hoyt Tessener said Thursday he is pleased to hear the troopers have been taken off the road, at least until the investigation is complete.

"That's the right thing to do," he said. "I'm thankful for the governor's actions. I hope they do have a fair and impartial investigation."


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Zerro tolerance

Every incident is not as always presented by an accuser. since i do not know either of the parties involved and nothing about this case.. But everyone has their side. and judgement should be held until a fair trial puts every thing into perspective.

My world

I feel for the mistreated lady. I would like to welcome both her and her husband to my world I am a Black 73 year old retire born in Snow Hill and raised in Lenoir county.

What that trooper did to this lady was mild compared to what would have happened to her had she been poor and Black. For example, she was loudly told to sit down had she been poor and black she would have been thrown into that chair. Concerning the husband the first thing in his  letter of complaint was the amount of his "horse power" And God knows he is powerful. Had I confronted this trooper I would have been pepper sprayed if not shot.

The point is that  we minorities suffer worse treatment daily and like he said "I wouldn't believe it if it didn't happen to me"

Finally I can't believe that a man as powerful and educated as this man is can be so clueless about the troopers.

Hold on 'little doggies...yer wanting a round-up..hang 'em high

Lets consider the basics....each SHP has DIVISIONS which are overlooked by First Sergeants/then Staff Sergeants....& more likely than not the F/Sgt. is home most nights wondering what the REST of his division is doing...F/Sgts. don't sleep much.....BUT WHERE were the Line Sergeants? They are assigned to oversee & to be available for the SHP assigned Troopers.....Listen, little can't TAKE the testosterone (parton to the LADIES of the SHP) from the males of the SHP...can't be done & IF you do this....those that DEFEND, SERVE & PROTECT us little doggies might lose their INITIATIVES...& Williamston Radio waves....weren't YOU listening to all those 'coincidences' humming along those PRARRIE Lines? In a 'ROUND-UP' the 'rite hand don't know what tha lefty hand is do'ang' in tha HERD....Sorry, but I DISAGREE, 'little doggies if'an ya wanna 'round-up & hang 'em high' to the BIG doggies in the BIG CITY....ya gotta remember, ya gotta start 'small' and then 'little doggies' yall will be-a gitting the 'Big Pictur'.....  and then to summarize all this to those who ain't feemiliar with the WILD WEST....this quote from Dudley Moore may say it best 'The best car safety device is a rear-view mirror with a cop in it' bout TWO cops- 1 testosterone/1 estrogen for those late nite doggie round-ups? I could share MORE thoughts on this matter...but hey 'little doggies' the wild blue younder is calllllling.........CJ


There is no one competent in

There is no one competent in the SHP to do any type of investigation.  Do you really think after Perdue's recent comments and those from last year that the trooper can get a fair investigation, whether guilty or not? 

The problem goes deeper than this one incident.  It is the culture of the SHP and Reuben Young  has done NOTHING to change it.  He just fawns over the troopers and lets them do anything they want.  Change has to begin at the top but knowing Bev she will make him the new Public Safety Secretary so he can destroy three departments like he has the one he mismanages today.

Zero tolerance

So the Troopers are already adjudged guilty. has any one with some smarts investigated this incident? these accusers seem familar with the justice system.. which is why a serious investigation should be made by very competent investigators..and even then the court system is filled with so many technicalities that are sometimes absurd.

Eyes wide open..........or maybe not

Bev: I am transferring you to a desk job.

Ftroop: What?

Bev: Yeah, sit behind a desk.

Ftroop: What will my job be?

Bev: Not to find the missing travel records.

Ftroop: What?

Bev: That's your main job. Don't find the missing travel records. Don't open the desk drawers. Don't look in the closet. Keep your eyes closed.

Ftroop: You can count on me.


I get tired of Bev's "zero tolerance".

I'll be glad when the voters of this state provide her with some "zero tolerance" in the polling booth.

Not only SHP

There have been numerous other problems in CCPS and Reuben, Bev and her staff have refused to take any action because it would have affected her politically.  Zero tolerence exists only when the outcome will not affect the Governor.

Bev, too many problems with SHP

Good thing that they were politically connected with high level democrats. How many similar problems have not been dealt with since Bev and Reuben have poorly led the SHP. Bev, you have developed no trust in your officers with your children.

If others have had problems, speak up now!

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