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Perdue chimes in on fiscal cliff "squabbles"

Gov. Bev Perdue has written to each member of the state’s congressional delegation calling on them to find a way to put the brakes on the fiscal cliff plunge.

The letter was released Friday by the North Carolina chapter of the organization formed to pressure Washington to solve the problem, Fix the Debt. It promotes finding some solution based on the Simpson-Bowles commission recommendations calling for tax increases and spending cuts.

Perdue’s letter, dated Thursday, says the tax increases that would go into effect if no agreement is reached by the end of the year would harm Americans at all income levels. North Carolina receives 6.3 percent of its revenue from federal grants, the letter says, and if that money were to suddenly stop, consequences would be serious for the programs it funds and for state-funded programs, too.

Suffering would be seen in education, public housing, nutrition programs for low-income women and children, she says. Sequestration would also hit North Carolina especially hard due to its $18 billion military economy.

“Members of both parties must stop squabbles and build a plan for American that avoids the fiscal cliff and gets our country back on a track of fiscal sustainability,” she writes.

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