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People for the American Way objects to tax increase for students' voting

People for the American Way, a liberal advocacy group, opposes a bill that would erect financial hurdles to families of college students when the kids vote in the cities and towns where they attend school.

Senate bill 667 would prevent parents from claiming their children as tax exemptions if their children are registered to vote at an address other than their parents' address. Voting addresses would have to match vehicle registration addresses.

In a letter to bill sponsors, Sens. Bill Cook, Norman Sanderson, and Ronald Rabin, PFAW said the bill "puts the rights of North Carolinians under attack."

"Youth and student voters who move frequently already have to navigate a confusing patchwork of voting laws. Those choosing to reregister while living and learning at institutions of higher education should not face a tax penalty for participating in our democracy, nor should their parents."

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