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Pearce: Politicians shouldn't tell jokes, and I mean you Pat McCrory

Politicians should rarely tell jokes, because they usually fall flat writes veteran Democratic consultant Gary Pearce in his blog Talking About Politics at
"After Tony Tata’s appointment, a Republican friend said ruefully: “I hope he does better with DOT than he did with the school buses.”
Speaking of jokes, Governor-elect McCrory’s apparently fell flat at the Economic Forecast Forum this week.
In the spirit of bipartisanship, here’s a word of advice to the new Governor – and all politicians – about telling jokes at the beginning of a speech:
For some reason, politicians think this is the sure-fire secret to giving a good speech. So they badger speechwriters for a couple of good opening jokes.
Big mistake. Even if they get a good joke to tell (rare), they usually bungle it. Then they’re off to a bad start. And struggle to recover.
So, Governor – and all you other pols; you know I’m talking to you – resist this urge. By definition, you are not a comic. The only truly funny politicians were John Kennedy, Ronald Reagan and Bob Dole. If you’re as funny as them, have at it. (You aren’t.)
Here’s the rule: If you need somebody to give you a joke, you don’t need to be telling jokes.
Especially jokes that make fun of other people. Like this one from McCrory: "You know there are really some good jobs around here that don't require much work or no work at all either. Former N.C. State football coaches ... UNC professors."
Congratulations! You offended everybody but Duke fans.
Plus, coming from a Governor that sounds mean, not funny.
The best humor is natural, spontaneous humor. Try a good-natured poke at yourself. A bit of self-deprecation goes a long way. Especially when it comes at an unexpected point in the speech. Not at the beginning, but in the middle.
Mike Easley was the best at this. In Charlotte once, he was talking about a drought that plagued the state. He said, “We can all use less water. I’ve learned that I can shower in just two minutes. Of course, the First Lady won’t sleep with me now.”


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This coming from a lifelong

This coming from a lifelong lobbyist/politician. Guess he's never heard of Joe DeSimone. McCornball is a buffoon.

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