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Pearce on Pope: Good for McCrory, good for Democrats

Gary Pearce, the veteran Democratic strategist, writes that Gov.-elect Pat McCrory's choice of Art Pope as budget director is both good for McCrory and good for Democrats.
"Art Pope is both a good target for Democrats and a good choice for Governor-elect McCrory," Pearce writes on his blog, Talking About Politics.

"Democrats get to skewer him as a rich, right-wing puppet master who will pull McCrory’s strings while running and ruining North Carolina.

McCrory gets three things: Pope knows the budget in and out. He knows how Raleigh works. And Republican legislators know that he has taken out apostates before, so they’ll be less likely to defy the Governor.

Democrats, of course, decry what Pope’s role will mean for the state. But elections have consequences, and one is that the Governor gets to pick the people he wants to push his agenda.

One question remains. Pope says he will sever all ties with his vast right-wing conspiracy, but he didn’t say whether he, his family and their foundations will keep funding it. It doesn’t matter that he’s off the boards but still controls the cash.

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