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Pat McCrory touts fracking, pushing issue that benefits law firm's client

As one of the most vocal supporters of fracking, Pat McCrory is pushing an issue that benefits a client of his law firm.

The Republican candidate for governor is a strategic policy consultant at Moore & Van Allen, a Charlotte firm that represents the N.C. Petroleum Council. The council is lobbying to implement fracking, a controversial practice for natural gas drilling, by commissioning a poll buttressing support and touting its benefits at public hearings, including the one Tuesday in Chapel Hill.

The connection is fueling Democrats and liberal groups concerns about whether McCrory is pushing the agenda of his private clients, especially given his campaign and access to top Republican legislative leaders. McCrory denies any coordination.

"He's championing their cause while running for  governor," said Walton Robinson, a state Democratic Party spokesman. "I'm assuming because he refuses to disclose anything to the people of North Carolina that he works directly or indirectly for this organization."

McCrory's rivals are asking him to disclose his clients list and tax returns to shed light on his public policy consulting work. McCrory works for a law firm but is not a lawyer. McCrory has refused to release either. He rejects the lobbyist label that Democrats are trying to pin on him and asserts that he filed the required financial disclosure papers with the state.

A spokesman for McCrory's campaign, Brian Nick, said the candidate has "never done any work" for the petroleum council. He also noted that McCrory worked for Duke Energy for 29 years and has supported fracking for years. "Every position he has comes from core beliefs and not from who his law firm represents," Nick said.

Michael Rentiers, a Moore & Van Allen employee consulting the petroleum council, said McCrory did not work for the pro-drilling group. "That team has not had any contact with him," Rentiers said. "We're trying not to mix things."

Lobbying records filed with the Secretary of State's office show the petroleum council retained Moore & Van Allen on March 13.


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Are you sure about lobbyists?

Are you sure we have lobbyists in North Carolina state government.  I mean, the Democrats have had a virtual stranglehold on the state legislative for about a 100 years.  I doubt very seriously they would have allowed themselves to be lobbied.  Please check your facts.

Or has lobbying just become prevalent since the Republicans took over in 2010?  Is that it?  All these lobbyists have come to Raleigh with the Republicans?

Do you think the lobbyists will leave town when the Democrats take back over?


Thanks for clearing this up.

Pat McCrory works for Moore

Pat McCrory works for Moore Van Allen which is one of the largest lobbying firms in the state. You only need to go to the Secretary of State's website to see how many clients they are paid to lobby for.

So if he works for a lobbying firm, then he must be a lobbyist. He's didn't go to law school so he's not a lawyer, he is a lobbyist.

So come on reporters, put an end to this kabuki theatre about whether he is a lobbyist or not and call it like it is. I'm sure his salary is paid for by revenues from lobbying work right?

Sorta reminds me of that famous line - "It depends what your definition of is___ is"

Does North Carolina really want a lobbyist from Charlotte as it's Governor?






Mayor pushed Drilling last election-before working for law firm

I recall that McCroy emphasized "drill baby drill" during his last campaign for governor, which was while he was still serving as mayor and before he started work with the law firm.  He is for it and the democrats are against even considering drilling or fracking.

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