Under the Dome

Pat McCrory sends message to legislature: let's work together

Gov. Pat McCrory is making the rounds on Jones Street as lawmakers meet Wednesday for a one-day organization session, a statement he wants to have a closer relationship with lawmakers than his Democratic predecessors.

McCrory attended the Senate's swearing-in ceremony at 9 a.m. and plans to return at noon for the House festivities.

"I did it for two reasons," he told reporters. "One is to show respect for the legislature. And also to build a relationship with members of the leg because this is going to have to be a team effort to fix some of the problems in the state."

The Republican governor is largely a wildcard for the statehouse crowd. He outlined a vision on the campaign trail but not a concrete agenda. How he will work with a Republican supermajority in each chamber, with enough votes to void any veto, remains one of the biggest questions facing his nascent administration. And every lobbyist in town is trying to get five minutes. Flanked by his chief of staff and chief lobbyist, McCrory couldn't take two steps at the statehouse without a lobbyist or lawmakers reaching out a hand and asking for a meeting.

Even though the GOP runs the show, McCrory is trying to show he is willing to listen to the other side. He will meet with the Senate Democratic caucus Wednesday, after previously meeting with the House Democrats.

"It's a dialogue," he said. "It isn't just me giving a speech."

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