Under the Dome

Pat McCrory plays stand up comic, mocks his new city

Pat McCrory, don't quit your new day job. The governor-elect started his speech at the Economic Forecast Forum on Wednesday playing the part of stand up comedian but bumbled the jokes. (Listen to the audio below.)

He walked to the podium with a list hitting at the Capital City -- fitting with Charlotte residents thinking that their city is really the center of the state's universe, if not the entire Eastern Seaboard.

The setup: Since being elected, McCrory said he's "learning the Raleigh ways." ("Because I'm an outsider," he explained, trying to perpetuate his campaign mantra.)

His first Raleigh joke: "The definition of an elevator in a state government building really means take the stairs," he said to mixed laughter.

(The joke may have inadvertently hit Republican Labor Commissioner Cherie Berry, who regulates elevators.)

Second joke: "You know there are really some good jobs around here that don't require much work or no work at all either. Former N.C. State football coaches ... UNC professors."

The crowd groaned loudly on each. "Oh, you guys can't take it, huh," McCrory replied with a smile.

McCrory apparently had a few more jokes written down but he blushed on stage and didn't repeat them. Maybe his speech writers will leak them to Dome.

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