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Pat McCrory goes to the DMV

UPDATED: Pat McCrory is (apparently) breaking new ground: the presumed GOP candidate for governor in 2012 used Twitter to share his experience at the DMV and promised better service if he gets elected.

It started about 11:15 a.m. when McCrory, according to his tweets, jumped in line to renew his drivers license. After standing in line for 15 minutes, he remarked: "Our state in action. Nothing has changed since I was 16." Later he sent this update: "30 minutes and counting ... Sitting on curb. Thank goodness nice weather."

McCrory's spokesman later clarified that the former Charlotte mayor was emailing updates to his staff -- who posted them to Twitter and Facebook. He didn't tweet himself.

A number of political observers amusingly followed his 140-character observations -- such as "Nice pic of Governor Perdue on the wall" -- including dozens of McCrory fans who commented about them on his Facebook page. (Democrats mocked that McCrory's Republican Party cohorts are responsible for budget cuts that prompted the long lines.)

In the end -- after waiting an hour and passing the test -- McCrory wrote this: "My new drivers license will expire in 5 yrs. Will DMV service be the same then as it was today &when I was 16? Not if we have new Gov!!"

Was it a policy announcement? A declaration of his long-expected candidacy? The disclosure of his first priority if elected? Who knows.


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are you kidding me?

Let's not give Pat any more credit that he deserves. Each tweet was updated "via web", which can only be done from a computer. (And forgive me, I've never been to a DMV with free public WiFi). Even if he was using a smartphone tweets would show "via mobile web" or via any app he may be using.

This was clearly a clever stunt by a zealous staffer. Which, compared to his disastrous first attempt at announcing his run for governor (, certainly bodes better for his inevitable 2012 run.

Bev getting her license @ DMV?

Congrats to McCrory for experiencing first hand both the DMV as well as Twitter.  Perhaps North Carolina's citizens will experience some improvements in their DMV dealings in the coming years as little has changed over my 40 years of renewing licenses.  What I find humorous is imagining Bev even going into a DMV office (reservation or not) and then sitting on a curb tweeting about it.


pretty sure not knowing the difference between "waist" and "waste" is very smart either....must work in Perdue's office.  


I don't know if I want a Gov that isn't smart enough to know he can make an appointment with the DMV and be in and out in about 15 minutes...  Sounds like more government waist coming our way.

What a pitiful excuse for an

What a pitiful excuse for an attention hound.  McCrory is perhaps the only thing that could be worse than Perdue.

Or fueling discontent with

Or fueling discontent with off-handed jerk remarks? I'll be sure to get him a sympathy card.

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