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Pat McCrory basks in Paul Ryan's love, refuses to discuss his budget plan

All day Sunday, Pat McCrory basked in the praise of a presidential candidate and his running mate, as Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan repeatedly endorsed him and implored the crowd to support the N.C. Republican as they campaigned throughout the state.

But at the end of the day, McCrory tried all he could to avoid any association with Ryan's controversial federal budget proposal, which would severely cut discretionary funding that trickles down to the states.

Asked what he thinks of Ryan's proposals, McCrory dodged: "I'm going to support the Romney plan," he said.

Are you worried about cuts to funding for states? Another tangential answer: "We've got to solve the deficit."

McCrory did all this while hustling to his waiting car and didn't stop to answer questions. He ignored other questions asking him to elaborate.

A day earlier, in an interview with The Charlotte Observer, he also refused to take a stand saying, "I’m not going to get into those specifics. I’m running for governor, not Congress.”

But as political observers note, Ryan is every Republican's running mate now, so the questions are likely to persist.


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No comment

I posted a comment about Mr. McCrory's lack of comment. My comment was removed. So, I guess I have no comment either.


If no one ever had a comment about politics it sure would be easier to vote...just use your imagination.

Can't discuss what you do not have

McCrory has not been given his budget plan by Duke Energy and Art Pope yet.


Normally I relish the chance to beat up on McCrory. I know him and several of his family members and we don't need a NC Republican Kennedy clan out there.   But why should he answer questions that answers will be taken out of context.?  When the media asks similar questions of the other side then he should answer them.  

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