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Party urges legalization of medical marijuana

The state Democratic Party wants the legislature to legalize marijuana for medical use.

At its state convention this summer in Fayetteville, the delegates passed a resolution urging the legislature to legalize marijuana when prescribed by a physician as part of pain management, reports Rob Christensen.

Fourteen states have legalized the medical use of marijuana, but none of them are located in the more conservative South.


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Ask the Senate Candidates Where They Stand

I believe that Beitler has a pot leaf on his campaign website, LOL

written replies to editor

Dear N&O Staff,

Can some of the comments be reprinted in your letters to the editor written version?

This is a topic that the public is starved for "truth" on. Truth being the kind of information that is supported by "repeatable, detailed scientific reports based on facts, " not "what you thought was the truth".

The public deserves to know this truth.

The Federal law is not based on facts

The Federal Government has been lying to the American people about the dangers of marijuana. According to Federal law marijuana is addictive, dangerous, and has no medical use whatsoever (they think its the same as crack and heroin). This could not be farther from the truth. Marijuana has been scientifically proven  to be non-addictive, it is impossible to overdose on marijuana, and it has many medical uses. I would like to urge everyone to take the time to learn the facts about marijuana ( is full of facts about marijuana). However, despite these actual facts about marijuana, local law enforcement orginazitions treat people with small ammounts of marijuana as if they are crackheads, thieves, or worse. Local law enforcement agancies can and will ruin your life because you have marijuana in your possesion. I personally am a convicted felon and have served around seven months in jail/prison because I had marijuana in my possesion. When I got out of jail for marijuana possession, I was homeless and jobless. I believe the federal government messed up my life by enforcing an unjust law which is based on lies and not facts. Lets change this law now to help protect other innocent people.

What a great idea!

The News & Observer could do a full series. They could actually show the science and interview leading physicians around the country. They could interview patients and tell their stories, wow, what a progressive idea.

Do you think they actually would do that? That's pretty forward thinking for a newspaper! Wow, a newspaper that seeks truth and facts in today's world! How wonderful that would be!

Medical Marijuana

It is time for NC lawmakers to stop living in fear of what the opposite party is going to think or do. We, the patients of NC, are asking them to think with common sense and compassion and stop our living in fear!

Everyday a patient must live in fear of arrest, prosecution or social reprisals, such as child-custody, jobs, housing and other social services.

When a patient is convicted of a felony charge for marijuana, then that patient can NEVER get food stamps, public housing or rental assistance. If we continue to use our medicine, we can't even go to work at the drive through at McDonalds due to drug testing of "so called illegal" drugs.

Just to end with a tiny bit of history, remember, it was a Vietnam veteran who pushed and worked for the Americans with Disabilities Act. It was a Vietnam veteran who worked and advocated and achieved the Vietnam Veterans Wall.

Now, another Vietnam Veteran is working for equality and compassion for all citizens once again. Perry Parks is our Hero and we thank God He chose to send Perry our way. We ask every person who has a heart that reads this to call Governor Beverly Perdue and tell her you refuse to vote for any candidate that does not fully support this legislation and that includes her.

We demand equal rights!

Thanks Perry

glad to see this resolution, time to call the candidates to get find out where they stand!

The Work of the NCCPN


The war on drugs is a vicious war that continues to claim many casualties. It is good to know that some of the States are now taking action in working towards the legalization of marijuana for medical use.

People suffer greatly and many people turn to medical marijuana only to try to end the pain and suffering that they experience.

Our Group congratulates North Carolina as a progressive State in being in the forefront of the work to legalize cannabis for medical use and we fully support the work of the NCCPN.

Jayelle Farmer


Legalise Cannabis International

I am a patient

Thank you for at least putting this on the table for us, we have to get everyone educated on this subject, our Veterans are suffering, along with many others, me being one of them. I lived in California when I had to receive a 50 week round of chemo., it got to the point that I wasn't able to keep any food or liquids down, to the point I was basically living on IV fluids. My Dr. gave me a prescription so I'd  legally be able to smoke medical cannibas, and it saved MY LIFE. Once again, I am facing some heavy chemo. and really would be a shame to be locked up for just trying to take natural medicine for naseua and pain. It is actually a shame that I can't go to a pain clinic because I choose to smoke cannibas medically, instead of more pills to mess up my liver, just to be able to eat.

Not only will the Veterans and other patients benifit, but all of NC would, Did you know there are many College Students that work the crops legally in California, and it is basically allowing them to stay in school??? Keep educating the public, LET our people speak!! I AM A PATIENT.....

Becky Haines

Time for our Legislature to step up and do the right thing

It's great that the media is finally covering this important topic. How about a full article in the N&O with interviews and factual information from Doctors, scientists and true experts in the field. It seems that when the issue of cannabis for medical use appears in our local media we get "expert" opinions from clergymen and legislators who are vehemently opposed to cannabis use for any reason, who spout the same tired lies that have been pushed on us for the last 70 years. Science has PROVEN that cannabis has medicinal benefits, few side effects (certainly fewer and less severe than most man made pharmaceuticals), is much safer than even aspirin and is a natural product.
It is time that our NC Reps wake up and realize that most rational individuals that they represent support legalizing cannabis for medicinal use in North Carolina.

Finally, some press!!!

I am absolutely amazed that this was even printed in NC... The NCCPN has been moving and shaking the State Legislature to change Cannabis law based on solid clinical scientific evidence and the backing of the AMA and now the Veterans Administration. A viable medical program will create thousands of health care jobs, what are we waiting for? Look at the data from the Medical Marijuana program in Denver, Colorado. Just one city brought in over 800 million in revenue tax in the first quarter of 2010. The NCCPN is in the planning stages of an integrous business model as we speak. This is an emerging industry and proven business model that will save the State billions of tax dollars in a very short time.

Any NC Citizen with cancer or serious disease has the right to choose to try Cannabis medicine to heal themselves. To even speak that Cannabis is not a medicine is now formally politically incorrect. Our Veterans who use Cannabis for PTSD and chronic pain, and our NC patients who are suffering from a host of diseases that Cannabis is now proven in whole plant extract form to cure, deserve to know the truth!!!!!!

Perry Parks in my colleague and friend..... Perry, you have brought hope to every Veteran and Patient in this state, and we hope you win that Emmy for The Good Soldier tonight.... Hit that bong one time for me Perry!!!!!!

Finally this state is doing something right!!!

This is awesome! I have a brother with PTSD and a cousin with PTSD, both smoke Medical Marijuana to help with the symptoms. They will soon be able to do it without worrying about the police and can live in peace! GOD BLESS the democrates and republicans that support this, God Bless NCCPN, and God Bless the news and observer for covering this important moment!

The War on Drugs is the Invisible War

The War on Drugs is the Invisible War.  This is a war America is waging on herself and the indigenous peoples of the Third World.  Nearly one million Americans are in prison today because of the war on drugs.  This war disproportionately criminalizes minorities, young people and the sick (including Veterans with PTSD).  Shameful, costly and racist, there is nothing positive about the war on drugs.  The remarks above by PerryParks call attention to the role the media has played in this ongoing tragedy that is now nearly 40 years in duration.  This is America's longest war and its most costly.  The policy has zero basis in science, and it is deeply immoral.  On a par with the Jim Crow laws of the pre-Civil Rights Era, the War on Drugs deserves a swift and certain death -- just like Prohibition, because that is exactly what it is -- an unfair, unreasonable and unjust law that has become a fabulously profitable enterprise for the prison industrial complex.

medical marijuana (Cannabis)

I introduced the resolution asking the legislature to "remove all barriers to making medical marijuan legal for veterans and other patients whose doctors determine the treatment to be appropriate."

What you failed to say in this article, among other things, was that:

To introduce the resolution, it took a suspension of the rules (supermajority vote) to even consider, and then, the resolution itself was passed, according to the only newspaper who published a front page article on this vote, the real news: "that it passed nearly unaminously!" (see the article at

It is extremely frustrating when the press, the single most important part of a democracy in many eyes, fails in its duties, as have your paper and the other major players including  Charlotte's.

This is the second time this resolution has been passed. It was passed at the Charlotte SEC in 1999. Bet you didn't know that, did you? Because I couldn't get a single paper to print it when it passed.

Even more frustrating is the snub from the politicians. Rep Paul Lubeke of Durham approached me before the SEC vote and asked me not to submit this resolution in an election year. Same with Rep Martha Alexander.

Both should be removed from their legislative posts for ignorance on this subject,,They were not aware even of the Veterans Administration recognition of the medical qualities of this plant..a position they were compelled to take after looking at the scientific evidence. That evidence is published after 10 years of clinical trials at the UC School of Medicine. (See new Directive VHA 2010-035, of which I had to make the Dept of Veterans Affairs aware of. The Director, Charles Smith, had no knowledge of it and called me after the Governor called him to inquire about it.

You didn't know about this either because the major news media is either controlled by or or sympathetic to the democrats chances of winning. I asked the Governor, personally in my dress blues at the dinner Saturday evening, if she would consider an executive order to stop arresting the veterans until this legislation can be enacted. It is morally wrong to arrest a veteran treating his war wounds with the "best" possible treating medication, according to the evidence,  when this evidence, once it is made public, WILL compel the government to eventually act.

In the above referenced article, Andrew Whelen, Ex. Director of the NC Democratic Party, when asked by the Richmond County Daily Journal, INCORRECTLY stated that the resolution passed only pertained to "some veterans who were losing their pain medications because of testing positive for Cannabis"

Wrong..the resolution, of which I made over 600 copies and passed out to the members of the SEC plainly states "veterans and other patients whose doctors deem the treatment appropriate."

You failed in reporting on the wars in Afganistan and Iraq..and you have failed even more miserably in reporting on the "War on Drugs"

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