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Parker will not seek another term as Democratic chair

David Parker said Wednesday he will not seek re-election to a second term as state Democratic Party chairman.

"I have enjoyed my two years of service to our state and to the Democratic Party," Parker, a Statesville attorney, said in an email to Democrats.

"There is much work to be done on the vital issues of good government, publkic education and job creation in North Carolina and I look forward to contiuning to work to better our state in the coming years to come.''

Parker's tenure had been marked by turmoil, especially surrounding his handling of allegations of sexual harrasment involving two Democratic Party staffers. At one point last spring, party leaders thought they had negotiated Parker's exit only to have Parker retain his job after winning the backing of the State Executive Committee.

State Sen. Eric Mansfield of Fayetteville is expected to declare his candidacy for the chairmanship. The State Executive Committee will meet in Durham on Feb. 2nd.


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The worst Party Chair in the

The worst Party Chair in the history of the NCDP. Never heard a word from David Parker about Speaker Tillis's sex scandals (senior staff sleeping with married lobbyists), the GOP nominee for Governor who was a lobbyist for oil and gas companies or GOP legislative leader Laroque who embezzled two million in taxpayer dollars to buy his girlfriend fabergege eggs.

Great job Chairman Parker, you presided over the worst election for Democrats in our state's history. It will be decades before Democrats regain power.


Please go back to Statesville. You are a disgrace.

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