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Parker asks judges to cut own pay

Sarah ParkerWhich judges will volunteer for a pay cut?

N.C. Supreme Court Chief Justice Sarah Parker sent out a request this week to elected judges asking them to consider taking a proposed pay cut in solidarity with other state workers who are facing slightly lighter paychecks as a result of the recent budget woes.

Under state law, Gov. Beverly Perdue doesn't have the ability to take away from the paychecks of the elected judges as well as members of the Council of State.

Parker announced she'd be taking the cut, as well as Judge John Smith, head of the N.C. Administrative Office of the Courts.

Dome will be checking in with judges around the state next week, to see who is going to take the half of one percent cut.

Judges: If you want to tell us directly, e-mail



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Re: Parker asks judges to cut own pay

Wonder if Judge Parker will request same of the Governess and the new
education guy?

Re: Parker asks judges to cut own pay

Hail to you,Judge Parker!

Re: Parker asks judges to cut own pay

I would like to see that judge list also.And how many city of Raleigh people like your new water billing proposals?Maybe someone will bring that up next.Citizens worked so hard to conserve water,then get slapped in the face for conserving "too much" so the rate goes up and you lose again!Well,back to the business at hand.Love.

Re: Parker asks judges to cut own pay

I am in shock over the entire situation. I am from a two state employee household and my son's college account is being cut into. He already can't get Pell Grants and such and now they are determined to try to keep me from being able to send him to college. As a teacher, I am furious with our entire state government. How much is Bev Purdue contributing? Or is it just unelected state employees footing the bill for the state?

Re: Parker asks judges to cut own pay


Re: Parker asks judges to cut own pay

I'd like a list of all Judges who don't agree to this - I hope the N_O will publish such a list.

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