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Parker and Etheridge may enter Democratic Party chairmanship race

With former Sen. Eric Mansfield's withdrawal from the Democratic Party chairmanship race, party figures have begun to scramble.

Embattled current chairman David Parker, who had announced he would not seek another term, has begun making calls about possibly serving another term.

Meanwhile, former Rep. Bob Etheridge, who unsuccessfully sought the Democratic nomination for governor last year, is being recruited by some party leaders, to run for party chairman.

Etheridge's name was floated last spring, but was apparently torpedoed by then Lt. Gov. Walter Dalton who thought Etheridge's entrance in the race made an already difficult Democratic run that much more problematic.

Meanwhile, Pittsboro Mayor Randy Voller may be in the strongest position, having campaigned aggressively for the post since late last year. This week he picked up the endorsement of Ben Chavis, the former national chairman of the NAACP.

UPDATE: Parker said he is not running for Democratic Party chair. He said he preside at the state Executive Committee meeting in Durham on Feb. 2 and hand over the gavel to the new chair.


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Etheridge for Chairman!

Bob for state Democratic Party chairman, a marvelous idea! An all-time Loser in charge of Losers! What's more, he's used to handling bull. I think this is a great idea. Harnett County is so much better off with him absent from it.

Momentum Builds for Randy Voller

With the departure of Eric Mansfield, Randy Voller has a strong lead fueled by tons of momentum. With the endorsement of Ben Chavis, Voller seems unstoppable.

Where are the women?

I'll ask the question again - where are the women vying for the role of Democratic Party Chair?

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