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Pardon? Not many from Easley

Gov. Mike Easley has been stingy about pardons, and there's no sign that he's going to go on a Clinton-like pardon spree in his final weeks.

Easley, a former prosecutor, has received 756 requests for pardons during his nearly eight years in office, according to spokesman Seth Effron. He has granted five, all cases in which DNA or other evidence exonerated the applicant.

Effron said he knew of no forthcoming pardons, but Easley is in office until Jan. 10.

"There are requests pending," Effron said.

Pardons have drawn more scrutiny since then-President Clinton granted 140 pardons on his last day in office in 2001, including for Marc Rich, a fugitive from a multi-million dollar tax evasion case, whose wife had given money to the Clinton library (current headline exhibit: "Art of the Chopper," as in motorcycles) and Hillary Clinton's senate campaign.


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No Christmas riots

"WHY are state gov. employees not outraged to the point of riots over this?"

Give it a rest, FFC. Seriously.

It's Christmas Eve and I've got all my shopping and wrapping done, so it's time to relax. I did it right this year; I made a list of people, then checked them off as I bought their gifts. I even added a few names that I'd originally forgotten, and then I...was going to...DOH!

I gotta go.

Re: Pardon? Not many from Easley

Oh, pardon_denied. You get three squares and apparently have Internet access.

No biggie.

Merry Christmas!

Re: Pardon? Not many from Easley

My pardon got rejected this month. My request sat collecting dust someplace in his office for over a year. I made ONE mistake over 15 years ago, and it was a non violent crime.

Two days after a respected elected official wrote easley supporting my pardon, he denies it.

So dear mike, you denied my pardon for political reasons. You most likely did not look into my background. You did not even bother to check into who I am.

What does that say about your privilege to pardon?

Good people make mistakes mike. But you do not believe that do you?

Fisher? That you?

ACT run you off for being a nutcase?

Re: Pardon? Not many from Easley

Probably better to avoid any controversy at this point for the 'gov' as he walks on eggshells hoping to avoid indictments himself, it seems. Then, there's the Mary Easley issue. How DID she get that job? WHY was no other person considered nor interviewed? WHY was it not posted for state employment? WHO,WHO,WHO created this job for her? WHY did SHE get an 88% pay raise with a couple tweaks in her $170,000+ yearly FIVE YEAR contract w/NCSU? WHY does her 'boss' Nielson or Bowles cower to accountablity? HOW do THESE PEOPLE SLEEP at night? WHY are state gov. employees not outraged to the point of riots over this? THIS, folks, is what we end up with after 100+ years of democrat domination.

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