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Pantano plans rematch against McIntyre

Marine veteran Ilario Pantano told supporters he’ll run again against U.S. Rep. Mike McIntyre in the 7th Congressional District, reports Politico.

“Allow me the opportunity to protect you and your families from the wolves at the door. Our borders must be secured, and our enemies must be made sure of our seriousness of purpose,” Pantano, a Republican, wrote supporters in an email, according to Politico.

Pantano was backed by the tea party but lost by eight points to McIntyre, a conservative Lumberton Democrat, this past fall.

Pantano, a former Wall Street trader, served in Iraq and drew attention in part because of his biography. He was charged with murder after shooting two unarmed Iraqis in a 2004 incident, but the charges were dropped after the Marines decided they didn’t have enough evidence for a conviction. Pantano later wrote a book about his ordeal.

McIntyre was considered vulnerable this past year and might be again. The Washington Post listed McIntyre among its top 10 endangered House members in January.


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so i guess this means

he's going to put another clip in and keep firing?

Pantano machine-gunned 2 Iraqis and desecrated their corpses

Ilario Pantano narrowly escaped court martial that could have resulted in the death penalty for killing two unarmed Iraqis.  Pantano's killings occurred during the term of Donald Rumsfeld, when the Pentagon covered up its dirtiest secrets.  Under Robert Gates, we have discovered the horrors of "kill clubs" of US soldiers who actually removed trophies from human corpses the killed in Iraq and Afghanistan.  Pantano admitted in print that he emptied two magazines from his automatic weapon into the dead bodies of the two people he killed - then he desecrated their bodies with an ugly hand-made sign that read:  "No Better Friend; No Worse Enemy."  When other Marines complained about the incident and the tastlessness of the sign, Pantano removed it.  The killings and corpse desecrations got him into trouble with the Marine courts martial.  There is a long and troubling account of Pantano's case on Wikipedia and in many places on the internet.  Pantano's candidacy attracted coverage by international news agencies who deemed it newsworthy that a person who had been capable of killing unarmed prisoners under his charge could be a viable candidate for political office in North Carolina.  Even though Pantano had a huge bankroll for his campaign, and he was named a "Young Gun" by the Republican National Committee, he lost in a landslide to McIntyre in a year of massive Republican resurgence everywhere else except in his district.  Even top-ranking members of the Tea Party rejectected Pantano's candidacy.  Now, Pantano is trying to run again - with the promise of massive injections of money from the Kochs, who gave him a late-breaking $100,000 in a failed attempt to save his faltering campaign last year.  Let's see how far he gets this time and how much money he will waste trying to get into Congress.  Pantano is an embarrassment to the Republican Party and a total disgrace to the Marine Corps.  Won't some honorable Marine run against him in the primary?

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