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Pantano challenges Rouzer's lobbying work in TV ad

Republican congressional candidate Ilario Pantano is going after his GOP opponent for the 7th District nomination, state Sen. David Rouzer of Johnston County, with an ad about Rouzer's work as a Washington lobbyist.

Pantano says the ad, called "Unacceptable," will air in the Wilmington area for a week.

The ad says Rouzer pushed "a liberal plan to provide amnesty for illegal aliens," and strikes the same chords as an anti-Rouzer ad his Republican primary opponent Nena Reeves ran two years ago in the state Senate district primary. 

Dome's Claims Dept. take on the ad of two years ago: "It is based in truth, but it also exaggerates."


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Unacceptable is the perfect

Unacceptable is the perfect name for the ad.  I would love to know where it exaggerates, especially having read the bill.  

I'm surprised to not be seeing Rouzer embracing the amnesty issue as the new "racism" the way Gengrich is.  Anything that can get you accused of being a racist is a third rail type of issue and to have these progressive POLITICIANS who make their paycheck off of working the politico game is disgusting and not what we need more of in NC or in the nation.  I look forward to seeing Rouzer lose in the primary and true conservative values be represented on Capitol Hill

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