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Orr, Smith target McCrory at debate

The Republican gubernatorial candidates targeted Pat McCrory Tuesday night.

At an hourlong debate at WRAL-TV in Raleigh, state Sen. Fred Smith and former Supreme Court Justice Bob Orr took aim at the Charlotte mayor, who is ahead in most polls.

"It's amazing to hear Pat talk about he wants to cut government when he's the big mayor of the biggest city in North Carolina and has the highest tax burden," Smith said.

McCrory said that he hasn't supported a property tax increase since becoming mayor in 1995.

Orr argued that Charlotte keeps property taxes lower because the city involuntarily annexes sections of Mecklenburg County every few years. 

McCrory said he learned how to take criticism as mayor.

"It is a little disconcerting that someone is more interested in attacking my record rather than stating their own. And that's the kind of politics we don't need," he said.

Salisbury attorney Bill Graham argued at the debate that the state should reduce its gas tax. (AP


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Re: Orr, Smith target McCrory at debate

Thanks Bill Graham for your voice of reducing gas taxes in NC, the highest in the SE!

So, if McCain's proposal for a FEDERAL Gas TAX moratoriam, then, thus the NC TAX would be suspended as well, right? BECAUSE, thats what democrackkks tell us everytime we ask them about this "our gas tax is TIED to the FEDERAL TAX!!!" SOooo, what about it, democrackkks?

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