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Orr: Education board would be advisory

Bob Orr thinks the State Board of Education should be more like an ombudsman.

The Republican gubernatorial candidate said that under his proposed education reform plan, an 11-member board would serve an advisory role to the governor.

Because eight members would be elected from districts, Orr said they would not always agree with the governor, who is elected statewide. But he said that the "clash of ideas" is a good thing.

"I'm not afraid of somebody disagreeing with me," he said.

Orr said the idea came from a former school superintendent whose opinion he respects. He said it makes sense under his reform plan, which would make the position of superintendent of public instruction appointed and not elected.

It would allow the public to continue to "have a voice" in education, he said.


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Re: Orr: Education board would be advisory

Okay. But doesn't the public already express its voice on education issues through the elected members of the General Assembly?

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