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Oh yeah, and the NC Senate approved its tax bill too

Don't worry if you missed it, but the state Senate gave final approval to a major tax bill. The controversial abortion vote eclipsed the far-reaching measure to cut income taxes and restrict government spending.

Democratic Sen. Martin Nesbitt of Asheville provided the lone point of debate before the vote Wednesday. He said he opposed the first tax bill the Senate approved and now this new one, saying Republicans "put a little lipstick on it."

"You are taxing the middle class and giving tax cuts to the rich," he said, exasperated but knowing the outcome was settled.

The Republican-dominated chamber approved it 29-14.

The bill trims personal income taxes to a flat 5.75 percent and gradually eliminates corporate taxes. A legislative analysis showed that wealthy taxpayers will receive the bulk of the tax break. Republican dispute the argument, saying it will help spur job creation.

One Republican opposed was Sen. Bob Rucho of Charlotte who wanted a much more robust bill. He said the latest version of House Bill 998 didn't represent tax reform.

“Cutting the corporate tax rate to zero is not the solution to our economic problems," he said in a statement. "Real comprehensive tax reform requires everyone to pay their fair share toward the efficient operation of state government."

The bill faces an uncertain future in the House. Gov. Pat McCrory is also not yet on board.

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