Under the Dome

Oh the places you'll govern...

After Gov. Beverly Perdue was sworn in, Andy Griffith rose to read a poem written by his wife, Cindi Griffith. Here it is.

North Carolina is my home

I no longer have to roam

When I see our morning sun

I know there's work to be done


Gov. Bev Perdue is the person we choose

Because there's so much she can do

She will need our best

To achieve her quest to be the person we need

So we may succeed


Please grant us the peace to allow her to lead

God bless her and keep her and always be near her

As she opens a door as never before


So as a new year starts

Let us open our hearts

As I trot out again to say hello to my friends

I know that all will be great

For our grand Old North State


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Re: Oh the places you'll govern...

Why don't the democrats just elect Andy Griffth governor?????? They could you know!!!! They can do anything, just look at how these 16yrs going on 20 yrs of democrat governors has done for state goverment. It makes the mafia look like the boy scouts.

Re: Oh the places you'll govern...

Old Andy is a piece of work and a relic we in NC should treasure. His wife is talented but don't give up your day job. Was old Jim Hunt there? I am sure he was, speaking of relic. Gov Perdue is one of his creations as well as old Marc. Hey some one has to be Gov. Just as well stay in the Political family.

Gov Bev will be a wonder woman and be creative in her programs. I hope the money will be there to build more bridges in Newbern. Look out Marsh rats.

Re: Oh the places you'll govern...

You gotta wonder if this little ditty is foreshadowing of an administration based on fiction. Seems like someone who writes her own powerful words - a real poet, if you will - maybe even someone who also calls NC home, maybe even a WOMAN - I dunno, say someone like Maya Angelou - could have been on the dias to deliver some REAL words of encouragement and hope. But it appears that for Governor Perdue trotting out old crumegeons - er the status quo - is the way to go.

Re: Oh the places you'll govern...

this is a really lousy poem.

Re: Oh the places you'll govern...

Comment deleted for possibly being offensive in a foreign language, though we couldn't tell for sure.

— RTB 

Re: Oh the places you'll govern...

What it was, was politics.

Re: Oh the places you'll govern...

Dumpling, you better be careful around Andy. He's developed quite the dirty ol' man reputation since he left Mayberry and Matlock. But I guess you know all about "dirty old men" from hanging around Marc, Tony, Black, Beason and the Jones Street gang.

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