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Obama's welcome to North Carolina: 48 percent approval rating

As President Barack Obama visits North Carolina on Wednesday, his approval rating among the state's voters is split with less than 50 percent support, a new poll shows.

The Democratic firm Public Policy Polling survey puts Obama's approval at 48 percent and disapproval at 50 percent -- a tie given the poll's three point margin of error. Only 3 percent don't have a formed opinion of the two-term Democrat, according to the poll, which is set for release later Wednesday.

It's a slight improvement from January, where his approval sat at 46 and disapproval at 52 percent -- but again within the margins.

Inside the North Carolina numbers, Obama wins support of moderates 67 percent to 30 percent, but among identified unaffiliated voters its less glowing: 42 to 53. The source of his support is still Democrats and women, with men and Republicans against him.

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