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Obama's visits to N.C.

Barack Obama's crowds in North Carolina have gotten bigger.

Below are crowd estimates from events held during the primary and general election by the Democratic presidential candidate.

In all, they total 194,050, although presumably some people attended more than one rally.

Before Election Season:

Durham, Nov. 1, 2007: 4,000

Before Primary (57,550):

Fayetteville, March 19: 150
, March 19: 2,500
, March 26: 2,400
, April 17: 2,000
, April 17: 8,000
Wilmington, April 28: 6,000
Chapel Hill
, April 28: 18,000
Winston-Salem, April 29: 2,000
Hickory, April 29: 2,500
, May 2: 5,000
Charlotte, May 2: 9,000

On Primary Day:

Raleigh, May 6: 2,000

After Primary (133,000):

Raleigh, June 9: 500
, Aug. 19: 2,500
, Sept. 21: 20,000
, Sept. 27: 20,000
, Oct. 5: 28,000
Fayetteville, Oct. 19: 10,000
Raleigh, Oct. 29: 25,000
Charlotte, Nov. 3: 25,000


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Re: Obama's visits to N.C.

That's true, but I have no way of counting those folks.

— RTB 

Re: Obama's visits to N.C.

I was at the Fayetteville rally on 10/19. We got turned away at the door after the crowd inside reached capacity. There were at least 3,000 people behind us. I don't think your count includes the people who were not able to get into the event.

Re: The robocalls must be finding the mindless morons

John Burns, are you trying to be offensive? What exactly do you mean? Are you race baiting?

Re: Wilmington

Thanks. Updated.



He spoke at Trask Coliseum in ILM right?

The robocalls must be finding the mindless morons


You have no idea what that means.

Hint. It is not a synonym for the N word. I know that's how you are using it, but that is not what it means.

Re: Obama's visits to N.C.

It is HIGHLY DOUBTFUL that there were 28,000 imbeciles at Sunday's rally for the Messiah in Ash Evil ... The stadium holds 7,000 with room for 3000 on the field, AND there were empty seats...the number given for attendees is a lie.

Hooray, BIg Brother visits NC

I am glad Obama is going to be the first Socialist President.
People get to learn [or relearn] about 90% universal tax rates,
Depression level economics, direct foreign attacks on the US.
Hopefully, after this we'll have a Constitutional convention and re- establish this country with Individual freedoms and SELF reliance, not the Welfare State. Oops almost forgot.......

All Hail Obama! Onward to National Socialism!
Remember "To each according to his needs, from each according to his abilities".
Ready now! Left, right, Left, right.....

Re: Obama's visits to N.C.

He had close to 20k in Chapel Hill a week before the primary. There was also an event in Hickory the next day, although I think that was small by design.

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