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Obama team, assemble!

President Barack Obama is trying to re-assemble his old campaign team to help build grass roots support for the overhaul of the health care proposal as well as for his major initiatives.

About 75 Obama backers gathered Monday night at the Church of the Reconciliation in Chapel Hill to discuss how to build support in Congress for Obama’s health care proposals through telephone calls, phone banks, petition signing, door-to-door canvassing, round table discussions, Rob Christensen reports.

"There is a sense of urgency and there needs to be a sense of urgency," Lindsay Siler, the state director of the Obama organization.

"The message is we need to stand up and demand you pass health care reform," she said.

Similar meetings are being held across the state. Tonight there are phone banks planned at St. Matthew AME Church in Raleigh and First Baptist Church West in Charlotte.

The organizing is being done under the auspices of the Democratic National Committee, which has set up an off shoot group called Organizing for America. The campaign team, which will rely much more on volunteers, has only been on the ground in North Carolina for three weeks.

Obama is trying to get the House and the Senate to pass version of the health care plan before Congress recesses in August with passage some time this fall.

Siler, the former Iowa deputy field director for Sen. Hillary Clinton’s campaign, who was previously with Planned Parenthood in North Carolina and surrounding states. The state field director is Greg Jackson Jr., who headed D.C. for Obama, a grassroots effort.

In response to a question, Siler asked the Obama supporters not to pressure North Carolina Democratic Sen. Kay Hagan to support the public health option part of the Obama plan. Obama has sought not to put public pressure on centrist Democrats who may be undecided about portions of the plan.

Correction: Post updated to correct prior affiliations of Jackson and Siler.


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Re: Obama team, assemble!

Called Heath Shuler, David Price, and Brad Miller's offices yesterday. NONE have any town hall meetings scheduled. The democrats are about to nationalize 15% of our economy and these so called representatives don't want to hear from the people? Where's the hope and CHANGE? Democrats from NC? Where's the reporting from tne N&O on this?

Re: Obama team, assemble!

The healthcare bill, cap and tax will kill jobs ... so while you may not be able to feed, clothe and shelter your kids when you lose your job, heck you'll have "free" healthcare! What a deal.

Sheesh... I wish our elected leaders could just think before they do something stupid.

Re: Obama team, assemble!

The whole country is suffering. So let's spend more money. We will not be alive when the bill comes due so let's enjoy ourselves with free health care.

Re: Obama team, assemble!

Thes peole obviously do not understand the staggering cost of national health care, At a time when the economy is almost in a depression,
They need to understand if that is possible, That the rest of us are not going to go along with them on health care, No matter how much they protest
First things First, Get the economy on track, and enact legislation to gain a more equal trade agreement, We have been losing our shirts the last nine years, that has to change, and once the economy is back to where it should be with Fair Trade .then we can talk about health care

Re: Obama team, assemble!

yep, the OA team came to Asheville to have a meeting at a public coffeehouse...fearing public backlash, they hastily cancelled that location without announcement and fled to the Buncombe Co Democrackkk HQ...nothing was EVER reported about what happened at the meeting...wonder why???

Re: Obama team, assemble!

After the big rush for spending the last 6 yrs, shouldn't we take our time and analize everything first? With this being the biggest change in american business history? Then make a change one time that will work from the beginning for everyone without knowing that near future changes will have to be made but we just want to get something started? And we aren't sure what the changes will be? If it is not plain and clear how it will work then it won't. It is a bad time to start dumping money when we aren't sure exactly where it will go. Big boulders are hard to stop rolling.

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