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Obama says money alone can't solve education problems

OBAMA'S EDUCATION AGENDA: President Barack Obama started the school week Monday with a call for a longer school year, and said the worst-performing teachers have "got to go" if they don't improve quickly. Bemoaning America's decreasing global educational competitiveness, Obama sought in a nationally broadcast interview to reinvigorate his education agenda. (AP)

MYRICK AND MUSLIMS: U.S. Rep. Sue Myrick on Friday pledged to help a new coalition of Muslim political thinkers present to Congress their views of moderate Islam and the need to quell extremism within their religion. (N&O)

NASTY POLITICS: The switchblades and brass knuckles came out in North Carolina politics last week. It was bound to happen, writes columnist Rob Christensen. (N&O)


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"incensed" by Bev's lying

How come there is no reference in Under the Dome to the N&O article stating that Bev was apparently caught in another lie when claiming that she knew nothing about her administration's position making it harder for NC taxpayers who unknowingly overpaid their taxes to get refunds.  Either she was caught in an outright lie (and tried to benefit politically from her lie when claiming she was "incensed") or she has no clue as to what is happening in her administration.  If the latter, or if her only recourse is a scapegoat, we should expect her to demand the resignation of the lawyers that kept it from her.  And how come no statement from Bev to this story?  Because she was again caught...

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