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Obama needs 2,869 more volunteers on Election Day in North Carolina

President Barack Obama's campaign in North Carolina is looking for 2,869 more volunteers on Election Day. Yes, exactly 2,869 (though they'll probably take more if they can get it).

The number is the subject of an "urgent" email message from Obama campaign field director Jeremy Bird to Obama supporters Monday. It says "shifts available all day."

"We've got to get as many voters out to the polls as we can, period," Bird writes. "That's why we're trying to figure out just how many volunteers can make it out in Raleigh tomorrow."


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2,869 more subscribers needed

N&O needs 2,869 more subscribers

Volunteers for Obama

As I understand it, most of the volunteers are needed tomorrow to take down the signs for the losing candidate...will mama obama be there or back on vacation?

I would volunteer for Obama.........

but I got to go see a man about a dog.

Obama Volunteers

December 19!!!

Is McClatchy....

John, how much is McClatchy paying for Obamna volunteers.... and I assume you guys are providing transportation and a hot lunch too.

Even Frank Daniels has to be disbelieving THIS.... UNBELIEVABLE.  Orage should be ASHAMED!


N&O providing free advertising for the Obama campaign?  You forgot to add where to contact...

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