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Obama: Keep comm. colleges open

Barack Obama suggested this weekend that children of illegal immigrants should have an opportunity to attend community colleges.

In an interview with WUNC this weekend, the Democratic presidential candidate said children who attend public schools should have the chance to continue to improve themselves.

"For us to deny them access to community college, even though they've never lived in Mexico, at least as far as they can tell ... is to deny that this is how we've always built this country up," he said.

The campaign of Republican John McCain issued a statement saying he was opposed to providing benefits to illegal immigrants, but did not address community college attendance, which has been a contentious issue in North Carolina.

"John McCain does not support amnesty or benefits for undocumented immigrants," his campaign said in the statement. "He has consistently opposed giving amnesty or public benefits to undocumented immigrants." (N&O)


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Re: Obama: Keep comm. colleges open

Much as I'd like to jump on Obama for this (AND I WOULD for his being a Quisling in the Mexican invasion described in Pat Buchanan's best seller "State of Emergency") I have to call BS on McCain on this one. He was a 4 star general in the amnesty push last year and he has yet to drop his call for blanket amnesty for every illegal alien in this country that hasn't committed a felony since they have been here. NEWSFLASH: THEY ARE ALL CRIMINALS AND OUGHT NOT BE CODDLED OR ALLOWED TO STAY!!

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